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weiss hand selected feng wind gong

Weiss Hand Selected Feng Wind Gong

Steve Weiss Hand Selected Wind Gong. Steve Weiss Wind Gongs are the best gongs on earth. Period. Wind gongs (also known as Feng or Lion Gongs) are flat bronze discs... 



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remo powerstroke 3 drum head - clear with clear dot

Remo Powerstroke 3 Drum Head - Clear with Clear Dot

Remo Powerstroke 3 C2 Heads are designed for great playability and tone control. The clear, ambassador weight mylar head has an underlay ring around the outer rim. This contro... 



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remo tom pack drum head package

Remo Tom Pack Drum Head Package

Remo Tom Head Pre-Packs are offered to save you money by buying in sets. The same great Remo Drumheads, packaged in standard sized sets.  



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evans uv1 coated drum head

Evans UV1 Coated Drum Head

The Evans UV1 features Evans patented UV cured coating. This process makes the coating completely consistent across the drum head. The curing process also increases the dur... 



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yamaha tp8300r professional hammered copper timpani

Yamaha TP8300R Professional Hammered Copper Timpani

The Yamaha TP8300 Timpani Series feature a pedal balance spring system with a cambered hammered copper bowl. This series delivers ample volume with supreme resonance and de... 



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remo powerstroke 77 coated snare drum head

Remo Powerstroke 77 Coated Snare Drum Head

The Remo Powerstroke 77 is a coated top clear dot drum head that delivers warm, crisp, controlled tones. This head is constructed from 2-plies of 7mil films with a 7mil inlay ... 



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meinl universal series singing bowls

Meinl Universal Series Singing Bowls

The Meinl Universal Series Singing bowls are high quality sounding instruments at a great value. Each Bowl is handcrafted in India by master craftsmen employing years of tr... 



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dream 18" pang china cymbal

Dream 18" Pang China Cymbal

The Dream 18" Pang China Cymbal delivers the great traditional effect plus crash-ability. Three distinct playing surfaces and two mounting directions allow this cymbal to be v... 


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larson-musings for xylophone or marimba-x or m

Larson-Musings for Xylophone or Marimba-X or M

Keith Larson's Musings for Xylophone is a set of four short, contrasting vignettes for 2-mallet, unaccompanied xylophone. Perfect for lessons, studio class, and recitals! ... 




Gray by Alex Howley is a piece written mostly based on improvisations using a few simple motives that are strung together. The piece is a rondo, following an a-b-a-c-a-b-a for... 




Collapse by Alex Howley is a challenging, programmatic work for marimba inspired by a dark, heartbreaking play titled "Marybeth." The piece uses a number of motives repres... 


moore, j. halley's comet-m

Moore, J. Halley's Comet-M

Halley's Comet by Joe W. Moore III was composed as the obligatory piece for the 2015 I Concurso para Marimba Maestro Zeferino Nadayapa. The title of the work comes from a peri... 




Drift by Caleb Pickering is a virtuosic tour-de-force for 2-mallet unaccompanied marimba. Number of players: 1 Difficulty: Advanced Instrumentation: Marimba (... 


orfaly-copper wired-5t/electronics

Orfaly-Copper Wired-5T/Electronics

First place winner in the 2015 PAS Composition Contest, Alex Orfaly's Copper Wired is a powerful work for solo timpani and electronics that was partially inspired by Edgard Va... 


schirripa-portraits from a city window-tenor steel pan

Schirripa-Portraits from a City Window-Tenor steel pan

As implied by the title, Marco Schirripa's Portraits from a City Window explored four different scenes one may observe from such an angle. "Morning Light" represents the beaut... 


lawhorn-more than meets the eye-sd/bd

Lawhorn-More Than Meets the Eye-SD/BD

Drawing inspiration from the rudimental playing of Charley Wilcoxon and John S. Pratt, "second line" New Orleans drumming, and the genius of of Steve Gadd, Lamon Lawhorn's sol... 


a. putnam mr4 rattan marimba mallets - medium soft (older design)

A. Putnam MR4 Rattan Marimba Mallets - Medium Soft (Older Design)

Special pricing on these mallets, as they have recently been redesigned with a new core material and head design. This pair of Medium Soft Marimba M... 


black swamp set1 triangle beater set

Black Swamp SET1 Triangle Beater Set

Special Pricing on this new old stock The Black Swamp Set1 Triangle beater Set consists of 5 Beaters with a nylon case (one of each of the 5 models).  


chalklin gm1 gong mallet - small

Chalklin GM1 Gong Mallet - Small

The Chalklin GM1 Small Gong Mallet features a wooden handle and soft wool head. The mallet is carefully balanced for a comfortable natural feel. Head Diameter &n... 


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chalklin gm2 gong mallet - medium

Chalklin GM2 Gong Mallet - Medium

The Chalklin GM2 Medium Gong Mallet features a wooden handle and soft wool head. The mallet is carefully balanced for a comfortable natural feel. Head Diameter &... 


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