Meinl Percussion

meinl drum gloves

Meinl Drum Gloves

Meinl Drummer Gloves protect your hands from blisters and prevent the sticks from slipping, yet provide a natural feel. Padded areas provide more durability. Feature... 



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meinl foot cabasa

Meinl Foot Cabasa

The MEINL Foot Cabasa is a breakthrough instrument for the percussionist! We mounted a large Turbo Cabasa on our sturdy foot pedal, which adds a new sound to your setup. Keep ... 


meinl egg shakers

Meinl Egg Shakers

The MEINL Plastic Egg Shakers are preferred due to their smooth and crystal clear sound. These have applications in practically any musical setting. Perfect for delicate, s... 



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meinl fingerless drum gloves

Meinl Fingerless Drum Gloves

Meinl Drummer Gloves protect your hands from blisters and prevent the sticks from slipping, yet provide a natural feel. Padded areas provide more durability. Feature... 



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meinl foot rattle

Meinl Foot Rattle

The Meinl FR1NT Foot Rattle is made of Rubber Wood with a velcro strap and is designed to fit around your ankle and produces a moderate volume with warmth. 


meinl professional djembe strap

Meinl Professional Djembe Strap

The MEINL Djembe Strap comfortably and securely holds any djembe in the perfect playing position. It is fully adjustable and works on all common djembes. Thick pads ensure lon... 


meinl liquid triangle

Meinl Liquid Triangle

The MEINL Liquid Triangle is a solid steel triangle, welded securely to a steel shell, creating a chamber which contains liquid and is closed with a very thin plate. The trian... 


meinl nino wood frogs

Meinl NINO Wood Frogs

The NINO® Wood Frogs have gained an enormous popularity over the last few years. Children especially love the authentic “ribbit” sound which is created by s... 



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meinl galaxy

Meinl Galaxy

The Meinl Galaxy features two resonant liquid chambers connected by a long steel spiral and is played while holding it in one hand while the other hand holds the 


meinl 06" aluminum qweeka

Meinl 06" Aluminum Qweeka

MEINL now offers two Qweekas made from light weight aluminum. Their light weight and solid construction makes them perfect for street Samba. Features: Size: 6... 


meinl spark shaker

Meinl Spark Shaker

The MEINL Spark Shaker is a very versatile instrument, and is unlike anything heard before. The sparkling, chirping, splashing tones readily mix with almost any musical flavou... 


meinl luis conte live shaker-black

Meinl Luis Conte Live Shaker-Black

The Meinl Artist Series Live Shaker was designed according to master percussionist Luis Conte exact requirements. "My shaker sound is as smooth as silk" is how Luis described ... 


meinl earth rhythm series djembes

Meinl Earth Rhythm Series Djembes

The MEINL Original African style Earth Rhythm Series Rope Tuned Djembes are carved from a solid piece of plantation grown Mahongany. MEINL created these high quality Djembe... 



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meinl egg shaker set (set of 4)

Meinl Egg Shaker Set (Set of 4)

The MEINL ES-SET Egg Shaker set gives you a whole lot of shaker sounds in one convenient package. Each egg in the four egg shaker set has a different volume so you will alw... 


meinl ergo-shaped pedal cajon

Meinl Ergo-Shaped Pedal Cajon

The Meinl Ergo-Shaped Pedal Cajon features the patent pending ergonomic curved frontplate, made from exotic African Bubinga Wood. The ergonomically shaped frontplate has a sli... 


meinl helix bowl

Meinl Helix Bowl

The Meinl Helix Bowl is a wonderful new instrument consisting of a steel helix welded to a resonating chamber. The Helix Bowl is either stroke or struck, and is played off the... 


meinl black river series djembes

Meinl Black River Series Djembes

Meinl Black River Series Djembes are made from a solid piece of plantation grown Mahogany wood, and are hand carved with a horizontal ripple motif that suggests a flowing r... 



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meinl spin spark shaker

Meinl Spin Spark Shaker

The MEINL Spin Spark Shaker is equipped with a screw-mounted disc that adjusts and amplifies the characteristics of the fundamental pitch. When the disc is tight, the pitch is... 


meinl fiberglass berimbau

Meinl Fiberglass Berimbau

The MEINL Berimbau is another traditional African instrument which is very prevalent in Brazil and other countries of South America. Three parts are involved: The metal plate,... 


meinl luis conte congas

Meinl Luis Conte Congas

Meinl aimed for perfection in producing their line of Conga drums for the legendary Luis Conte. They combine the sound of the old traditional Cuban drums with modern innova... 



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