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american drum convertabell mallets

American Drum Convertabell Mallets

American Drum GL8 Convertabell Mallets convert a steel glockenspiel to the sound of crotales. Produce $2500 Crotale sounds for the price of mallets. Yes it is true.Buy and u... 


american drum cantabiles glockenspiel mallets (gl9)

American Drum Cantabiles Glockenspiel Mallets (Gl9)

Double-ended, brass glockenspiel mallets. The 9" shafts are the proper length for playing the small, delicate glockenspiel. 1/2" and 3/8" brass balls provide both an authentic... 


american drum junkyard dogs

American Drum Junkyard Dogs

Innovatively designed stainless steel mag mallets for Brake Drums, Cowbells, Bell Trees, Plates and other metal percussion toys.  


american drum cymbal sticks (cs9)

American Drum Cymbal Sticks (CS9)

Built on pvc shafts, the pair consists of one gray yarn mallet (hard) and one red yarn mallet (medium). Use them both for rolls and crashes. Once the platter is in motion, the... 


american drum triangle beaters-set of 4 (tab)

American Drum Triangle Beaters-Set Of 4 (TAB)

The four TAB TriAngle Beaters are tooled from contemporary stainless steel rods meeting todays standard of strikers by professional percussionists. To provide choices of sound... 


american drum amber chime mallet (ac5)

American Drum Amber Chime Mallet (AC5)

This sonorous amber acetate head is mounted on a same heavy-gauge aluminum shaft. The acetate sounds the same as rawhide, with the advantage being that the ends will... 


american drum sousa bass drum mallet (sb9)

American Drum Sousa Bass Drum Mallet (SB9)

Solid 9 oz. rubber core covered with real American lamb's wool. When struck properly upon a well-adjusted bass drum head, this sensational, uncommonly heavy bass drum mal... 


american drum blackjacks - large bass drum mallets (bj3)

American Drum Blackjacks - Large Bass Drum Mallets (BJ3)

For 28" bass and larger. Impressive, thick vinyl grip, Lexan finial, heavy-gauge aluminum, and a prime quality felt beater ball. The best on the market! 


american drum blackjacks - medium bass drum mallets (bj2)

American Drum Blackjacks - Medium Bass Drum Mallets (BJ2)

For 24"-28" bass. Impressive, thick vinyl grip, Lexan finial, heavy-gauge aluminum, and a prime quality felt beater ball. The best on the market! 


american drum timp-tom mallets - radials (rd7)

American Drum Timp-Tom Mallets - Radials (RD7)

Since 1983, the Radials have been the most popular all-purpose timp-tom mallets on the market. An aluminum hub is equipped with a specially molded 90 durometer SBR rubber tire... 


american drum cymbal straps - pair (ca2)

American Drum Cymbal Straps - Pair (CA2)

Genuine leather cymbal straps offer the strength crash cymbals require (grommets included). 


american drum timp-tom mallets - headhunters (hh6)

American Drum Timp-Tom Mallets - Headhunters (HH6)

The 1-1/2" Lexan disk permits the mallet to snap from drum head to drum head more readily without coming into contact with the rims. Primarily used for executing sweeps, cartw... 


american drum timp-tom mallets - lexans (hg8)

American Drum Timp-Tom Mallets - Lexans (HG8)

Lexan is a bulletproof material which serves our drumlines well by providing the necessary toughness to penetrate the air with articulation and to punch the sound into the sta... 


american drum blackjacks - small bass drum mallets (bj1)

American Drum Blackjacks - Small Bass Drum Mallets (BJ1)

For 20"-24" bass. Impressive, thick vinyl grip, Lexan finial, heavy-gauge aluminum, and a prime quality felt beater ball. The best on the market! 


american drum high torque ratchet drum key

American Drum High Torque Ratchet Drum Key

The American Drum ratchet is designed with a reversible, single gear mechanism. The blueprint allows the socket a 360 degree tension rod rotation with minimal handle swing. Th... 


american drum timp-tom mallets - jitterbugs (jb6)

American Drum Timp-Tom Mallets - Jitterbugs (JB6)

The advantage of a smaller 1-1/4" Lexan disk is that it offers rapid decay while promoting close, articulated sounds. Excellent for doubling rhythmic passages of the keyboards... 


american drum cymbal pads - pair

American Drum Cymbal Pads - Pair

The American Drum Cymbal Pads offer thick genuine leather pads for preferred knuckle protection. 


american drum cs8 cymbal sticks

American Drum CS8 Cymbal Sticks

Built upon flexible nylon shafts, this versatile pair of cymbal sticks consists of medium cores covered with 4 ply yarn. You can use them both for rolls and crashes on 14&P... 


american drum medium rubber keyboard mallet

American Drum Medium Rubber Keyboard Mallet

This is the American Drum Medium Rubber Keyboard Mallet. It has a Fiberglass handle with a rubber grip. This is your last chance to get your hands on this mallet at Steve Weis... 


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american drum medium keyboard mallet crocheted red yarn

American Drum Medium Keyboard Mallet Crocheted Red Yarn

This is you last chance to get this Medium crocheted Red Yarn keyboard mallet At Steve Weiss Music It has a Fiberglass handle.  


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