Tycoon Percussion

tycoon percussion fishbone shaker

Tycoon Percussion Fishbone Shaker

Tycoon Percussion's Fishbone Shaker is a unique musical instrument that produces a loud clacking sound. Tycoon makes the Fishbone Shaker from environmentally friendly siam oak... 


tycoon percussion heavy swing-shake shaker

Tycoon Percussion Heavy Swing-Shake Shaker

The Tycoon Swing-Shake is designed for live performance. The Siam oak construction gives the Heavy Swing Shake a great sound that cuts through in live settings. Tycoon designe... 


tycoon percussion dancing drum series djun djun

Tycoon Percussion Dancing Drum Series Djun Djun

From the Tycoon Percussion's Dancing drum series we have the Djun Djun's. Djun Djuns are usually the bass drum in a traditional west African djembe ensemble. The Drums are ... 



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tycoon percussion light swing-shake shaker

Tycoon Percussion Light Swing-Shake Shaker

The Tycoon Percussion Light Swing-Shake is designed to cut through in live performances. Tycoon designed the Light Swing Shake with a unique shape that provides players with m... 


tycoon percussion set of 3 dice shakers

Tycoon Percussion Set of 3 Dice Shakers

The Tycoon Percussion Dice Shaker set is a safe bet. The three graduated sizes of shaker give you triple the choice in pitch and tone. Constructed of durable siam oak Tycoon D... 


tycoon percussion rhythm rack - 6 paddles

Tycoon Percussion Rhythm Rack - 6 Paddles

The Tycoon Percussion 6 Paddle Rhythm Rack accommodates all kinds of mountable instruments. Bells and Blocks fit comfortably upon the racking system with adjustable mounts. Th... 


tycoon supremo 29" series cajon with bag and dvd

Tycoon Supremo 29" Series Cajon With Bag and DVD

This Cajon package from Tycoon percussion gives you everything you need to master the cajon. The Cajon is high-quality and durable with protective carrying case and a DVD to ... 


tycoon 8" traditional rope tuned djembe with dvd

Tycoon 8" Traditional Rope Tuned Djembe With DVD

This is a Tycoon Percussion djembe and a Hudson Music djembe instructional DVD. The Djembe is hand-crafted from a single piece of sun-dried Mango wood. This drum is 10-1/4 inc...