danmar bass drum impact pad (old style)

Danmar Bass Drum Impact Pad (OLD STYLE)

Special pricing on these old-style kick pads! The Danmar Bass Drum Impact Pad has a hard disc center that gives a powerful punch. 


yamaha hi-hat stand hs1200d (open box)

Yamaha Hi-Hat Stand HS1200D (Open Box)

Special pricing on this open-box item! The Yamaha HS-1200D Hi Hat Stand is a heavy weight, 2 leg stand that is a direct pull system and tension adjusta... 


pearl csp60 conga shell savers

Pearl CSP60 Conga Shell Savers

Protect Conga shells from scrapes and scratches associated with hardware from one drum rubbing up against another with the Pearl CSP60 Conga Shell Savers. These rubber savers ... 


yamaha ds750 drum throne (used demo)

Yamaha DS750 Drum Throne (Used Demo)

Special Pricing on this Demo Throne. The Yamaha DS750U Drum Throne features a 2.5" thick padded cushion seat top and a medium weight single braced leg system. 


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beiner frame bag for m55 vibraphone

Beiner Frame Bag for M55 Vibraphone

This bag is perfect for anybody looking for an affordable way to transport the frame of their Musser M55 or similar vibraphone. Beiner Bags, a family o... 


14" black pearl sound projector

14" Black Pearl Sound Projector

The 14" Black Pearl Sound Projector attaches to the bottom of a marching snare drum with Velcro loops. It will enhance sound projection.  


xl stik marching tenors stand

XL Stik Marching Tenors Stand

The XL Specialty Stik Marching Tenor Stand provides easy and secure set up of tenors. The light-weight and durable construction allows for effortless transportation. The St... 


weiss standard drum key

Weiss Standard Drum Key

Snag one of these drum keys at a great price before they're gone! 


weiss brand timpani head protector - 23" (blemished)

Weiss Brand Timpani Head Protector - 23" (Blemished)

Slight Damage on the edge of this protector (see photo). Hand Crafted in the heart of Pennsylvania, these Timpani Head Protectors are the perfect way to protect your Timpani H... 


mapex quantum q-ball bass carrier (used demo)

Mapex Quantum Q-Ball Bass Carrier (Used demo)

Special pricing on this used carrier. 100% functional, may have minor cosmetic damage. 


pearl marching tenor cover (open box)

Pearl Marching Tenor Cover (Open Box)

Special pricing on this open-box item! Pearl Marching Tenor Covers offer attractive, durable protection for your marching tenor drums. Designed with a ... 


gibraltar 8601 flat base hardware pack (no pedal included )

Gibraltar 8601 Flat Base Hardware Pack (No Pedal Included )

Gibraltar's 8600 Series Flat Base stands bring back the classic flat base design with features for today's drummer. A low mass, flat base design tripod with cast adj... 


14" yamaha 8200 series marching bass drum hoop

14" Yamaha 8200 Series Marching Bass Drum Hoop

These Yamaha 10-ply birch round edge hoops are constructed with the Air-Seal System to deliver the strength necessary for consistent, uniform tuning. Other colors are availabl... 


weiss timpani felt - germanic (old stock)

Weiss Timpani Felt - Germanic (Old Stock)

Special pricing on this Germanic Timpani Felt. Older inventory with a slight discoloration. Full Sheet (25 inch x 21 inch and 14mm thick) of Germanic Timpani Felt. 


lp lug-edge ballistic conga bag

LP Lug-Edge Ballistic Conga Bag

The LP Lug Edge Ballistic Conga Bag is constructed from black Denier Ballistic Nylon, an ultra light yet heavy duty fabric. Inside the LP Lug-Edge bag is fully padded to pr... 


pearl sk900 snare drum kit with soft bag

Pearl SK900 Snare Drum Kit with Soft Bag

This is how every drummer begins their journey to stardom. The Pearl SK900 Snare Drum Kit features: - 14" x 5.5" Steel Shell Snare Drum - Heavy Duty basket style ... 


yamaha 14" short scale hi-carbon steel snares - 20 strand

Yamaha 14" Short Scale Hi-Carbon Steel Snares - 20 Strand

Yamaha Replacement Snares feature the company's legendary commitment to quality products. 


gibraltar double tom platform stand (open box)

Gibraltar Double Tom Platform Stand (Open Box)

Special Pricing on this open box Double Tom Stand. The Gibraltar 6713DP is a Platform Double Tom Stand. It comes with two ball L-Arm sockets and one C-clamp on the rear of the... 


gibraltar 4610 double braced cymbal stand

Gibraltar 4610 Double Braced Cymbal Stand

The Gibraltar 4610 Double Braced Cymbal stand is perfect for beginners and pros alike. The low mass, double braced construction means it's easy to schlep to the gig and stills...