Hi-Hat Stand Parts

pearl pull rod for hi hat stand

Pearl Pull Rod for Hi Hat Stand

The Pearl ME145 Hi-Hat replacement rod is designed to fit most current model Pearl Hi Hat Stands. 


gibraltar hi-hat cymbal seat

Gibraltar Hi-Hat Cymbal Seat

The Gibraltar Hi-Hat Cymbal Seat fits Gibraltar and most professional hi-hat stands with 1" or 5/8" tube. 


dw standard clutch (sm379)

DW Standard Clutch (SM379)

There's nothing "standard" about DW!!!!! 


dw drop clutch (sm505)

DW Drop Clutch (SM505)

Use in combination with a double pedal to allow quick and easy release of your Hi-Hat cymbals. 


pearl drop clutch (dcl300p)

Pearl Drop Clutch (DCL300P)

When playing double pedal, this Pearl DCL300P Drop Clutch allows quick and easy release of your Hi-Hat Cymbals. 


pearl deluxe clutch w/ rubber washers (cl300p)

Pearl Deluxe Clutch W/ Rubber Washers (CL300P)

The Pearl CL300P Deluxe Hi-Hat Clutch features rubber washers for extra protection and durability for you valuable Hi-Hat Cymbals!! 


pearl standard clutch (cl68n)

Pearl Standard Clutch (CL68N)

Why settle for "No-Name" brand products when Pearl makes a great, basic Hi-Hat Clutch? 


gibraltar professional hi-hat clutch

Gibraltar Professional Hi-Hat Clutch

The Gibraltar SC-4420 Pro Hi-Hat Clutch fits Gibraltar and most professional stands with 8mm rods. 


dw sp358 hi-hat pull rod

DW SP358 Hi-Hat Pull Rod

Drum Workshop SP358 Hi-Hat Upper Pull Rod measures 21" in length and is designed to replace any DW Hi-Hat pull rod. 


remo quicklock hi-hat clutch

Remo Quicklock Hi-Hat Clutch

Remo Quicklock HiHat Clutch allows for quick and easy changing of your hi-hat cymbals with a lock-notch rather than a typical screw off-and-on system. 


gibraltar hi-hat drop clutch

Gibraltar Hi-Hat Drop Clutch

The Gibraltar SC-DC Hi-Hat drop clutch disengages and drops the top cymbal by hitting the clutch with a drumstick. Step on the pedal and the clutch attaches itself at origina... 


gibraltar standard hi-hat clutch

Gibraltar Standard Hi-Hat Clutch

The Gibraltar SC-4421D Standard Hi-Hat Clutch fits gibraltar rock series 5600 and 6600 and most moderate priced stands. 


gibraltar rubber hi-hat cymbal seat

Gibraltar Rubber Hi-Hat Cymbal Seat

The Gibraltar SC-HR1 Rubber Hi-Hat Seat lasts longer than felts and enhances cymbal sustain. 1 per pack. 


gibraltar super hi-hat clutch

Gibraltar Super Hi-Hat Clutch

The Gibraltar SC-4420S Super Hi-Hat Clutch utilizes Gibraltar's "Super Grip" clamping mechanism which will not scar the hi-hat pull rod. Fits 8mm rods. 


gibraltar hi-hat cup metal washer (1 pack)

Gibraltar Hi-Hat Cup Metal Washer (1 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-1655-1 HiHat Stand Cup Metal Washer are packaged in quantities of 1 per pack and fit most brand Hi Hat Stands. 


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gibraltar hi-hat clutch felts (4 pack)

Gibraltar Hi-Hat Clutch Felts (4 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-CLF/4 Hi Hat Clutch Felts are packaged in quantities of 4 per pack. Thes flets fit most standard HH clutches and help protect your cymbals against metal-to-m... 


gibraltar rubber hi-hat clutch washers (1 pair)

Gibraltar Rubber Hi-Hat Clutch Washers (1 Pair)

The Gibraltar SC-CLR/2 rubber hi-hat clutch washers replace the felt washers on your clutch with rubber ones. 1 pair. 


cannon felt washers - hi-hat cup (10 pack)

Cannon Felt Washers - Hi-Hat Cup (10 Pack)

Bag of 10 Felt Washers made for Hi-Hat cup. 


cannon hi-hat cup washer (12 pack)

Cannon Hi-Hat Cup Washer (12 Pack)

Bag of 12 metal Hi-Hat cup washers. Protect your Hi-Hat cymbals with these metal washers. Don't forget to buy felt washers too!!!!! 


cannon felt washers - hi-hat clutch (10 pack)

Cannon Felt Washers - Hi-Hat Clutch (10 Pack)

Bag of 10 Flet Washers made for Hi-Hat Clutches.