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Marimba Solo

kaiser-hurricane's eye-m

Kaiser-Hurricane's Eye-M

Composed for and premiered by noted marimbist Katarzyna Mycka, Hurricane's Eye is a challenging and dramatic solo work that should find its way into the standard repert... 

norton-november evening-m

Norton-November Evening-M

November Evening was premiered by composer Christopher Norton on November 1, 1994 at Western Kentucky University. Two rhythmically charged themes open the piece and p... 

abe-three monologues-m

Abe-Three Monologues-M

Keiko Abe's Three Monologues contains three short pieces for solo marimba. 1.Song of the Seashore for Solo Marimba 2.Kazak Lullaby for Solo Marimba 3.Pia... 

bach-sonatas and partitas for violin-peters ed.-m

Bach-Sonatas and Partitas for Violin-Peters ed.-M

Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Violin have become mainstays in the marimba repertoire. This collection from Edition Peters has been edited and compiled by Carl Flesch. The s... 



Footpath by Dave Samuels was originally recorded in June of 1989 for an album entitled Ten Degrees North (MCA Records 6326). This piece was an improvised so... 

peters-chant for marimba-m

Peters-Chant for Marimba-M

This legato, trance like piece will be a great performance vehicle to highlight the two mallet roll technique of a young player. Chant can be a practical diversion from the te... 

daughtrey-yuletide marimbist

Daughtrey-Yuletide Marimbist

The Yuletide Marimbist was created by Nathan Daughtrey to fill a void in Christmas literature for 4-mallet solo marimba. Spanning a wide range of styles, these arrangem... 

arlen-over the rainbow arr. oetomo-m

Arlen-Over the Rainbow arr. Oetomo-M

Over the Rainbow by Harold Arlen arranged for 5-octave marimba by Robert Oetomo. This arrangement was created with the intention of having a combination of jazz influences (ha... 

sammut-rotation ii-m

Sammut-Rotation II-M

Sammut's "Four Rotations" have become some of the most frequently perfomed works for solo marimba. In "Four Rotations" all the mallets are important, because they use the "sin... 

lin-april sky-m (5 oct.)

Lin-April Sky-M (5 oct.)

April Sky by Chin Cheng Lin is a four mallet solo scored for 5 octave marimba. This lyrical solo is ideal for intermediate performers. Duration: 7 minutes 

bach-sonata in a minor (orig g minor) arr. stevens-m

Bach-Sonata in A Minor (orig g minor) arr. Stevens-M

Arranged by Leigh Howard Stevens, here is Bach's Sonata in G minor transposed to A minor for marimba alone. This is the sonata that contains the famous G minor fugue... 



Remembrance by Dr. Juan Àlamo is a marimba solo scored for 5 octave marimba. The work begins with a short introduction followed by the main theme in the key of D... 



A more discursive, lyrical and introspective Burritt style is developed in his piece, Azure . As is always the case with the music of Michael Burritt, the marimba writin... 

hopper-ghost garden-m

Hopper-Ghost Garden-M

Ghost Garden by Adam Hopper for solo 4.3-octave marimba. This four mallet piece is inspired by vacant and abandoned lots. These areas, once reclaimed by the earth, are sometim... 



Tango is a transcription of the second movement of the "Espana" cycle which is priginally a composition for solo piano by Isaac Albeniz. Tango is commonly heard as a solo guit... 

albeniz-leyenda arr. maxey-m

Albeniz-Leyenda arr. Maxey-M

An arrangement of the popular Albeniz work. This is an easy to interpret, well detailed transcription for marimba. Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 3 I... 



Marshmellow by David Friedman is light, airy, with a touch of irony and simply fun toplay. This is an excellent encore piece. Written for 5 octave marimba. Num... 

kopetzki-three movements for a solo dancer-m

Kopetzki-Three Movements for a Solo Dancer-M

Three Movements For a Solo Dancer by Eckhard Kopetzki won the 1st place prize in the Percussive Arts Society Composition Contest - Marimba Solo category in 2003. The... 

tchaikovsky-album for the young arr. stevens-m

Tchaikovsky-Album for the Young arr. Stevens-M

Leigh Howard Stevens' masterful verison of Tschaikovsky's The Album for the Young is transcribed directly from his CD Marimba When... . As one of the great i... 

bach-371 four part chorales complete-m

Bach-371 Four Part Chorales COMPLETE-M

Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 5 Instrumentation: Mallet Instrument 

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