Vic Firth Drum Stick Special

vic firth signature series -  peter erskine "big band"

Vic Firth Signature Series - Peter Erskine "Big Band"

The Vic Firth Peter Erskine "Big Band" drumsticks, model SPE3, combines the shaft dimensions of a 5A and 5B with a long taper for effortless rebound. Length = 16" Di... 


vic firth signature series - gavin harrison

Vic Firth Signature Series - Gavin Harrison

The SHAR Gavin Harrison Signature Series sticks from Vic Firth feature an elongated rock shaft with a blended taper and tip. They deliver an ideal combination of power and ... 


vic firth signature series - ahmir "questlove" thompson

Vic Firth Signature Series - Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson

With 17" of length and an extended taper, ?uestlove's new stick can really crack! Finished in white, it features a black rendition of the anti-slip Vic Grip coating for a dist... 


vic firth signature series - jojo mayer

Vic Firth Signature Series - Jojo Mayer

Vic Firth SJM Jojo Mayer Wood Tip Drumsticks is a 5A style stick, but with thicker and shorter dimensions. It provides a big feel and full sound without a lot of length. Swis... 


vic firth signature series - carter beauford

Vic Firth Signature Series - Carter Beauford

Carter Beauford joins the Vic Firth family with his new signature series stick. The Vic Firth SBEA drum stick combines a 5B shaft with an extended taper and elongated oval woo... 


vic firth signature series - aaron spears

Vic Firth Signature Series - Aaron Spears

Vic Firth Aaron Spears SAS Signature Drumsticks feature a medium shaft stick with a long smooth taper into the neck and then to the tip. The longer taper creates a well balanc... 


vic firth signature series - dave weckl evolution

Vic Firth Signature Series - Dave Weckl Evolution

Vic Firth SDW2 Dave Weckl Evolution Wood Tip Drumsticks feature a short tear drop tip on a 5A shaft. Provides superior cymbal definition with excellent rebound. Length:... 


vic firth signature series - abe laboriel jr

Vic Firth Signature Series - Abe Laboriel Jr

Vic Firth SAL Abe Laboriel Jr. Wood Tip Drumsticks are long and thick for plenty of power. Gradual taper delivers great rebound and overall feel. Length: 17" Diamete... 


vic firth signature series - stanton moore

Vic Firth Signature Series - Stanton Moore

Vic Firth SSM Stanton Moore Wood Tip Drumsticks feature a slightly elongated tear drop tip that creates a great cymbal sound. Length: 16 1/4" Diameter: .550" 


vic firth signature series - buddy rich

Vic Firth Signature Series - Buddy Rich

Vic Firth SBR Buddy Rich Wood Tip Drumsticks are a modified 5A with a larger tip, neck and shoulder. Length: 16 5/16" Diameter: .590" 


vic firth signature series - peter erskine ride wood tip

Vic Firth Signature Series - Peter Erskine Ride Wood Tip

Vic Firth SPE2 Peter Erskine Ride Wood Tip Drumsticks feature an extra long taper and tear drop tip for enhanced cymbal response. Beefed-up shaft for extra power. ... 


vic firth signature series - dave weckl

Vic Firth Signature Series - Dave Weckl

Vic Firth SDW Dave Weckl Wood Tip Drumsticks feature a barrel tip for broad cymbal sound. Fast, with great leverage. Length: 16 1/4" Diameter: .560" 


vic firth signature series - steve gadd

Vic Firth Signature Series - Steve Gadd

Vic Firth SSG Steve Gadd Wood Tip Drumsticks are slightly shorter than the American Classic 5A. The SSG features a barrel tip for a great recording sound. Length: 15 3... 


vic firth signature series - tommy igoe

Vic Firth Signature Series - Tommy Igoe

The Vic Firth Tommy Igoe STI Groove Essentials™ Signature Stick features a "Taj Mahal" tip that is ideal for sensitive cymbal work. The extended taper and length add lev... 


vic firth signature series - tony royster jr.

Vic Firth Signature Series - Tony Royster Jr.

Vic Firth STR Tony Royster Jr. Wood Tip Drumsticks feature a barrel tip for sensitive drum and cymbal sounds. A great choice for jazz, rock, latin and funk. Length: 16 ... 


vic firth signature series - charlie benante wood tip drum sticks

Vic Firth Signature Series - Charlie Benante Wood Tip Drum Sticks

The Vic Firth Charlie Benante drumstick, model SBEN, is a rock shaft and tip with a special taper for great feel and durability. With Vic Grip for a slip resistant grip. ... 


vic firth signature series - billy cobham

Vic Firth Signature Series - Billy Cobham

Vic Firth SBC Billy Cobham Wood Tip Drumsticks have a full round tip for excellent rebound. The back end of the drumstick is cut with a unique finger groove for enhanced gripp... 


vic firth signature series - akira jimbo

Vic Firth Signature Series - Akira Jimbo

Vic Firth SAJ Akira Jimbo Wood Tip Drumsticks feature a tear drop tip with a tapered butt for better cymbal definition. The special finish on the SAJ provides an enhanced grip... 


vic firth signature series - russ miller "hi-def"

Vic Firth Signature Series - Russ Miller "Hi-Def"

The Vic Firth Russ Miller "Hi-Def" Drumstick features a special "half acorn" wood tip for incredible cymbal clarity. Logo at the nodal point for perfect cross-stick tone&sbquo... 


vic firth signature series - zoro

Vic Firth Signature Series - Zoro

Vic Firth SZ Zoro Wood Tip Drumsticks are an enlarged SD4 with a barrel tip for great tone while grooving on the cymbals and hi-hat. Light and fast for R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz and ...