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About Steve Weiss Music

Portrait of Steve Weiss holding bells and gong. What Steve started over 60 years ago as a simple hobby of collecting unique and rare percussion instruments, has now evolved into being the go-to shop for all of your percussion needs. Steve always wanted to be able to provide you with the best collection of percussion instruments and supplies possible. The legacy that is his company continues that vision today.

From his humble beginnings in and around Philadelphia, Steve developed a passion for music at an early age. Since his first drum lesson when he was 10 years old, he always loved playing. After he finished school, Steve got a job with the Reading Railroad during the day and would play gigs on nights and weekends. The railroad let him travel for free, so he started traveling all around the northeast collecting rare instruments. Steve loved walking into a place like Ted's Music Shop in Baltimore and finding a vintage marimba or timpani. He was definitely a collector at heart.

Word of Steve's percussion collection spread pretty quickly throughout the other players in Philly. One day, Mickey Bookspan of the Philadelphia Orchestra asked Steve if he would rent him a marimba. At that time, there was no one else in the area renting instruments like marimbas, timpani, or taxi horns, so that's how the rental business got started. Steve's retail success started humbly as well. He began by delivering instruments in his 1966 Plymouth (he could fit two timpani in the trunk!). While providing the rental instruments, people started asking Steve if they could buy them from him. With that, Steve Weiss Music was born.

Steve said, “I'm in the business of music and it really is a business of relationships. That's what allows me to be able to provide you with items you will never see in any of your big box chains today. In fact, the majority of people that work at Steve Weiss Music are trained percussionists. That's how much I value relationships and the importance of surrounding myself with people who love percussion as much as I do. Whether it's a rare piece of sheet music, a specialty gong, or your marching band equipment, you know that I'll have it. And you know that my goal is to get it to you for the best price and quicker than anyone else. Enjoy my collection!”

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