Drum Keys & Tuning Forks

Pearl High Tension Drum Key

The Pearl K030 High Tension Drumkey provides an easy method for tuning marching drums or any other drum that requires extra tension and leverage. This key will deliver the ... 

Planet Waves Tuning Fork - Key of A

Planet Waves by Evans Tuning Fork produces a perfect “A” note. Tunes instruments easily and accurately. Precision-designed to offer extremely accurate tu... 

Wittner Tuning Fork - Square Prongs A-440

The Classic Tuning Fork that is never out of style!! 

Pearl Techtool Drum Key Multi-Tool

The Pearl TechTool features 6 hex keys, 5 screwdrivers, and a bottle opener for when all the work is done. Each tool is forged to exact tolerances using heat-treated S2 alloy ... 

Yamaha Timpani Key

The Yamaha TK40 Timpani Key is essential to tuning and maintaining the tonal qualities of Timpani. 

Yamaha High Tension Drum Key

Power Up with the Yamaha DK30P Power / Hi Tension Drum Key. The extra long handle provides the torque needed to tension today's marching drums but also works great on standar... 

JGpercussion BottleKey Drum Key

The JGpercussion BottleKey is a drum key that is also a bottle opener and a keychain. This drumkey is made from stainless steel for durability, and it's pocket sized so tha... 

Gibraltar Standard Drum Key

The Gibraltar 4244 Standard Drum Key fits all standard tension rods with 1/4" socket. 

Ludwig Standard-Drum-Key

The Ludwig P41 Standard Drum Key works on any regular key bolt drum. 

Ludwig Standard Timpani Key

Ludwig P15011 Standard Cast Timpani Key fits all Ludwig Timpani models and is the perfect device for helping to keep timpani in tune. 

Liberty One Speed Drum Key

The Liberty One Speed Drum Key or quick key provides an easy and effortless way to tune almost any drum. Fit standard tension rods or tuning mechanisms. 

Planet Waves Tuning Fork - Key of E

Planet Waves by Evans Tuning Fork produces a perfect "E" note. Tunes instruments easily and accurately. Precision-designed to offer extremely accurate tuning (329.6... 

Ludwig Ratchet Drum Key

The Original is still among the best. The L111 Torque Wrench Drum Key by Ludwig is a perfect solution to any situation needing something in between standard tuning and ultra-... 

Evans Magnetic Head Drum Key

The Magnetic Head Drum Key is drop-forged for extreme durability and is ergonomically designed for comfort. It includes a knurled knob for quick head-changes and it's magne... 

Gibraltar High Torque Drum Key

The Gibraltar 4245 High Torque Drum Key fits all standard tension rods. Larger shaft and handle section for more tension. Great for tuning marching drums. 

Gibraltar Drill Bit Drum Key

The Gibraltar DB Drill Bit Drum Key fits into most electric screwdrivers and drills. This drill bit makes changing drumheads a breeze. 

Vic Firth Wearable Drum Key

The Vic Firth "Vickey" is a stylish, wearable tool of the trade. This cast metal drum key features the Vic Firth logo embedded in key handle and detaches from neck strap for ... 

DrumDial Digital Drum Tuner

The Digital Drum Dial takes all the mystery out of tuning your drums and Timpani. A well tuned kit will sound amazing anywhere and the drum dial allows you to tune your drums ... 

Gibraltar Ratchet Drum Key

The Gibraltar RK Ratchet Drum Key is a medium-weight ratchet style drum key that is plenty heavy duty enough to do any rock-n-roll job. This key is most likely not heavy duty... 

Evans Torque Drum Key

The Evans Torque Drum Key features an ergonomic handle for comfort, a knurled knob for easy drum head changes, and a non-slip magnetized head. The Evans Torque Drum Key's han...