Taiko Drums

remo tunable nagado daiko drums

Remo Tunable Nagado Daiko Drums

Remo's Nagado Daiko is made from Siam Oak Wood. The Oak is then coated in multiple layers of a high gloss giving this drum a solid rugged but pristine appearance. Rich warm to... 



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remo shime daiko - 7x10.25

Remo Shime Daiko - 7x10.25

The Shime Daiko from Remo is a traditional look and sound with modern innovations. The traditional part is that the shell is lathe tuned, shaped and finished with a high glos... 


pearl field percussion shime taiko

Pearl Field Percussion Shime Taiko

The Pearl Field Percussion Shime Taiko is designed to taken outside into the elements and still perform and sound great. In fact this Shime Taiko has been to designed to perfo... 


remo stand for nagado daiko drum

Remo Stand for Nagado Daiko drum

This Solid wood stand is for Nagado Daiko drums by Remo. This rugged stand has a small stage foot print and can be easily folded for storage and travel. Drum not included.