lp shake-it (lp440)

LP Shake-It (LP440)

The LP Shake-It is a compact, durable, metal shaker that's great for a wide variety of musical situations. Shake it easy for lighter sounds or shake it harder to cut through l... 


lp rock shaker - black (lp462b)

LP Rock Shaker - Black (LP462B)

Designed to cut through live music with impact. Metallic shell helps deliver a loud, cutting sound. Unique fill cap allows players to adjust the amount or type of fill to pers... 


lp soft shake (lp441)

LP Soft Shake (LP441)

The softest sounding shaker we make, LP SoftShake, is perfect for recording or when a delicate sound is needed. This set of two small plastic shakers is connected by tw... 


lp rhythmix egg shakers (pair) - black

LP Rhythmix Egg Shakers (Pair) - Black

Produces quick, delicate and responsive sounds. Black Safety approved for ages 2 and up Patented Sold in pairs  


meinl luis conte live shaker - black

Meinl Luis Conte Live Shaker - Black

The Meinl Artist Series Live Shaker was designed according to master percussionist Luis Conte exact requirements. "My shaker sound is as smooth as silk" is how Luis described ... 


lp one shot shaker - 1pr. small (lp442a)

LP One Shot Shaker - 1Pr. Small (LP442A)

Only one live striking area enables the percussionist to lay forward/down strokes only (no shadow or ghost strikes follow) Constructed of durable anodized metal... 


iat bell cacho shaker - peru (0797b)

Iat Bell Cacho Shaker - Peru (0797B)

The IAT Bell Cacho Shaker is designed to place on your wrist or just hold in your hand. It is 10" long (with velcro ends for ease of attachment) and contains 6 pair of small ... 


lp twist shakers

LP Twist Shakers

The LP Twist Shakers features a unique twisting mechanism that allows you to seperate the two tubes into individual shakers, or twist them back into one. You can also mix-a... 



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lp rock shaker - gold (lp462)

LP Rock Shaker - Gold (LP462)

Designed to cut through live music with impact. Metallic shell helps deliver a loud, cutting sound. Unique fill cap allows players to adjust the amount or type of fill to pers... 


meinl spark shaker

Meinl Spark Shaker

The MEINL Spark Shaker is a very versatile instrument, and is unlike anything heard before. The sparkling, chirping, splashing tones readily mix with almost any musical flavou... 


rhythm ring finger shaker - black

Rhythm Ring Finger Shaker - Black

The Rhythm Ring finger shaker gives you percussion at your fingertips. Leaves your hands free to play another instrument. The Rhythm Ring works great with guitar, uku... 


iat leaf seed pod shaker - peru (0780)

Iat Leaf Seed Pod Shaker - Peru (0780)

The IAT Leef Seed Pod Shaker measures approx. 16" in length and contains seed pods inside the outter shell that produces a gentle, soft shaker sound. 


meinl foot rattle

Meinl Foot Rattle

The Meinl FR1NT Foot Rattle is made of Rubber Wood with a velcro strap and is designed to fit around your ankle and produces a moderate volume with warmth. 


meinl aluminum double samba shaker

Meinl Aluminum Double Samba Shaker

The MEINL Samba Shakers are the ideal instruments for street Samba due to their voluminous sound and their ability to cut through loud musical environments. Their shells are m... 



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pearl hex ganza shaker - long (pga32)

Pearl Hex Ganza Shaker - Long (PGA32)

This Pearl Percussion Long Hex Ganza shaker has an aluminum shell and can produce up to four different pitches.  


remo didgeharp shaker - walkabout finish

Remo Didgeharp Shaker - Walkabout Finish

The Remo Didgeharp shaker is a brand new instrument to the percussion world and is a Remo Original. Just shake the Didgeharp and it blends the sounds of a Jaw Harp and Austra... 


pearl shakelets (pwr40)

Pearl Shakelets (PWR40)

Shakelets are by Pearl's innovative percussion R&D team that feature exclusive "Ganzinellas", Brazilian-style plantinellas combined with ganza shakers, that are worn on the wr... 


meinl clamshell spark shaker

Meinl Clamshell Spark Shaker

Two great new Shakers from Bill Saragosa! The Clamshell Spark Shakers have a single solid weld holding the two halves of the shell together like a hinge. When you squeeze the ... 


swan percussion variable shaker

Swan Percussion Variable Shaker

The Swan Percussion Variable Shaker features a 3.5″ × 3.5″ × 1.5″ Poplar box that can be filled with almost any type of material that will pro... 


lp vari-tone shaker (lp459)

LP Vari-Tone Shaker (LP459)

The LP459 Vari-Tone Shaker features an exclusive sound varying design. You can changes the sound quality simply by squeezing the shaker and will produce a tight to loose soun...