LP Latin Percussion

During the 1960's Martin Cohen became captivated by the New York Latin Jazz scene. Cohen wanted a set of authentic bongos but trade embargoes of the time made the Cuban instrument unavailable. Martin applied his engineering background and created a set himself. A few short years later Martin founded Latin Percussion. Using the Jazz clubs as his research and development labs Cohen refined the traditional instruments to add modern features creating products musicians truly love.

lp everything rack (lp372)

LP Everything Rack (LP372)

The LP Everything Rack is a great way to mount a number of percussion instruments in one easily accessible place. It has six different mounting locations and attaches to stand... 


lp giovanni palladium wood congas

LP Giovanni Palladium Wood Congas

Rarely does a percussionist reach the level of excellence of Giovanni Hidalgo. He has traveled the globe, performing with Dizzie Gillespie, "El Rey" Tito Puente, Carlos Santan... 



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lp one shot shaker - 1pr. small (lp442a)

LP One Shot Shaker - 1Pr. Small (LP442A)

Only one live striking area enables the percussionist to lay forward/down strokes only (no shadow or ghost strikes follow) Constructed of durable anodized metal... 


lp classic wood congas

LP Classic Wood Congas

LP Classic Congas were the first wood congas introduced by Latin Percussion. They have become the standard by which other wood congas are judged. LP Classic Conga... 



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lp percussion table - 22x19 (lp760a)

LP Percussion Table - 22X19 (LP760A)

The LP Percussion Table is the ideal percussionist's work station for live and studio performances. Shown with two optional LP762A extension wings (not included). Thi... 


lp twist shakers

LP Twist Shakers

The LP Twist Shakers features a unique twisting mechanism that allows you to seperate the two tubes into individual shakers, or twist them back into one. You can also mix-a... 



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lp afuche/cabasa - standard wood (lp234a)

LP Afuche/Cabasa - Standard Wood (LP234A)

The LP Afuche/Cabasa was designed to create rhythmic scraping sounds and patterns. The beads can be manipulated against the textured steel or the instrument can be spun or sha... 


lp tri-tone samba whistle - gold (lp352)

LP Tri-Tone Samba Whistle - Gold (LP352)

The LP Tri-Tone Samba Whistle has its origins in Brazilian music but has become a standard in today's dance music as well. It has three distinct, complementary tones that... 


lp galaxy giovanni wood congas

LP Galaxy Giovanni Wood Congas

Rarely does a percussionist reach the level of excellence of Giovanni Hidalgo. He has traveled the globe, performing with Dizzie Gillespie, "El Rey" Tito Puente, Carlos Santan... 



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lp super guiro (lp243)

LP Super Guiro (LP243)

The LP Super Guiro was designed to eliminate the durability issues inherent with the natural version of this instrument. It is precision-molded from high-strength plastic and ... 


lp rhythmix egg shakers (pair) - black

LP Rhythmix Egg Shakers (Pair) - Black

Produces quick, delicate and responsive sounds. Black Safety approved for ages 2 and up Patented Sold in pairs  


lp one shot shaker - finger version

LP One Shot Shaker - Finger Version

LP's original One Shot Shaker was a revolution in shaker design. With its single live striking area, it gave percussionists the ability to play complex rhythms with a precisio... 


lp aspire wood congas

LP Aspire Wood Congas

LP Aspire Wood Congas are ideal for students, beginners and aspiring musicians. They provide great value at affordable prices. The LP Aspire Congas are 28" tall, cr... 



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bermudez-conga drumming: a beginner's video guide (vhs)

Bermudez-Conga Drumming: A Beginner's Video Guide (VHS)

The book Conga Drumming comes to life with Jorge Bermudez - a dynamic teacher and performer (Mickey Hart, Santana). In this video you will learn: authent... 


latin percussion giovanni fits-all conga bag (lp541bk)

Latin Percussion Giovanni Fits-All Conga Bag (LP541BK)

The LP541BK Giovanni Conga Bag is a one size fits all bag that will work on any series of LP high end congas, especially the Giovanni Signature Series drums. Some of th... 


lp shake-it (lp440)

LP Shake-It (LP440)

The LP Shake-It is a compact, durable, metal shaker that's great for a wide variety of musical situations. Shake it easy for lighter sounds or shake it harder to cut through l... 


latin percussion fits-all conga bag (lp542bk)

Latin Percussion Fits-All Conga Bag (LP542BK)

LP's Fits-All Conga Bag, with shoulder strap, handle and outer pocket, is a great nylon, non-padded carrying bag. The LP Fits-All Bag is perfect for storage or for the o... 


latin percussion padded conga bag (lp543bk)

Latin Percussion Padded Conga Bag (LP543BK)

The LP Padded Conga Bag keeps drums safe with a firm layer of cushioning. Made of high-strength nylon, it has an adjustable shoulder strap, a handle, and an outer pocket. I... 


latin percussion quilted conga bag (lp540bk)

Latin Percussion Quilted Conga Bag (LP540Bk)

The LP Quilted Conga Bag offers the best protection available from a soft carrying case. It features a shoulder strap and a handle for easy carrying. An accessory pocket is l... 


garcia-adventures in rhythm vol. 1: close-up on congas (vhs)

Garcia-Adventures in Rhythm vol. 1: Close-up on Congas (VHS)

Richie Gajate-Garcia's extensive professional playing and teaching experience gives a uniquely diverse approach to learning this expressive instrument. This video package incl...