Vater Percussion

Vater Vintage Bomber Bass Drum Beater

The Vintage Bomber was designed in collaboration with Otis Brown III, drummer for Jazz Great Joe Lovano. The Vintage Bomber was conceived and designed to replicate the soft bu... 

Vater Safe 'N Sound Earplugs

Ear Protection for all musicians. The Vater Safe 'N Sound Ear Plug package includes two filter styles for different levels of hearing protection. Also includes pouch for safe ... 

Vater Manhattan 7A Wood Tip Drumsticks

The Manhattan 7A is longer than an average 7A with a small round tip for defined cymbal work. L 16" D .540 

Vater Fusion Wood Tip Drumsticks

Between a 5A and 5B in grip diameter. Very well balanced with a gradual taper and small round tip. L 16" D .580 

Vater 5A Wood Tip Drumsticks

The Vater 5A Wood Tip Drumsticks are a very well balanced stick allowing for a fast attack and response on drums. The sticks are also called the Los Angeles sticks L:... 

Vater Super Jazz Wood Tip Hickory Drumsticks

The Vater Super Jazz Wood Tip Hickory Drumsticks feature a Jazz-style grip with a little extra length while still being a quick feeling stick. Length - 16 1/4"... 

Vater "Whip" Wood Handle

A wood handle version of the Whip. 5B grip size allows the player the option of using either the stick or Polybristle ends for even more sound variations. 

Vater Sweet Ride Wood Tip Hickory Drumsticks

Extra small round tip produces outstanding clarity on cymbals. Great for Jazz settings. L 16&#34 D .530&#34 

Vater Acoustick Solid

The Acoustick Solid version is a Cross Cut Hickory stick with the same high impact protective strips. The Polymer acts as a protective "striking layer" that allows the player ... 

Vater 3A Fatback Wood Tip Drumsticks

The Vater 3A Fatback wood Tip Drumsticks feature a sturdy shoulder and neck with a rounded barrel tip for volume. Length - 16" Diameter - .590" ... 

Vater Players Design Drumsticks - Stewart Copeland

Stewart's stick features a rounded oval style bead that provides crisp, clear, articulate tones on cymbals and full-body tones from drums combined with superb balance and rebo... 

Vater 5B Wood Tip Drumsticks

Very responsive, comfortable and balanced stick with acorn tip. Versatile stick. Length: 16″ Diameter: 0.605″  

Vater Studio Wood Tip Drumsticks

Barrel-shaped tip gives a full sound without overwhelming volume. Just under a 7A in grip size. L 15 7/8" D .530 

Vater Splashstick

19 hand-selected Birch dowels that provide warm acoustic tonality but still produce a solid "crack" around the drumkit. The extended rubber grip leaves 4" of the dowels expose... 

Vater Piccolo Wood Tip Drumsticks

2B style grip with a long and gradual taper to a small round tip. L 16" D .640 

Vater Acousticks

Combines 7 high quality wood dowels and 6 strips of impact resistant Polymer.The Polymer acts as a protective "striking layer" to allow the player to "dig in" without the shor... 

Vater 1A Wood Tip Drumsticks

A lengthy stick with a 5B style grip and acorn tip. L 17" D .590 

Vater Manhattan 7A Nylon Tip Drumsticks

Longer than an average 7A with a small round tip for defined cymbal work. L 16" D .540 

Vater Whip

Polybristles that pack more punch than a brush but without the volume of a drumstick. 

Vater Studio 2 Drumsticks

The Vater Studio 2 Drumstick is a beefier version of the Studio model with a grip just under a 5A. Length = 15 7/8" Diameter = 0.555"