Gon Bops

Gon Bops started in 1954 when Mariano Bobadilla started to make congas in his father's LA garage. It would not take long until he was regarded as one of the top conga builders in the industry. Early success only furthered the quality and craftsmanship of the instruments. Over the years leading companies like DW and now Sabian own and ensure that Gon Bops maintains it's reputation of the finest quality Latin percussion instruments.

gon bops waterfall

Gon Bops Waterfall

The Gon Bops Waterfall is an innovative design that gives you a rustling, rushing, waterfall sound effect. 26 Strands of nut shells are mounted to a wooden frame that can then... 


gon bops pedal cajon

Gon Bops Pedal Cajon

This innovative Gon Bops Pedal Beater Cajon uses an adapted cable assembly similar to those found on state-of-the-art remote hi-hat stands. The pedal cajon's unique design all... 


gon bops marimbula

Gon Bops Marimbula

The Marimbula by Gon Bops is a traditional Afro-Cuban instrument. Sometimes in acoustic ensembles its deep, mellow tones are often used as a substitute for bass. Made in Peru ... 


gon bops mixto cajon

Gon Bops Mixto Cajon

The Gon Bops Mixto 2-in-1 Cajon reflects 2 great cajon traditions — that of Spanish flamenco and also that of the Peruvian folk tradition. Having the sound port on the s... 


gon bops double akblock with removable clamp

Gon Bops Double Akblock with Removable Clamp

The Gon Bops Double Ak block offers two very cool block sounds from specially treated rawhide. Place the double ak block between your knees like a bongo and play with sticks o... 


gon bops alex acuna signature cajon

Gon Bops Alex Acuna Signature Cajon

The Gon Bops Alex Acuña Signature Cajon features Peruvian mohena construction with dovetail corners and a lacquer finish. At Alex's request, Gon Bops added a matte-fini... 


gon bops pete englehart satellite

Gon Bops Pete Englehart Satellite

With the Gon Bops Satellite you can explore the extraordinary sonic possibilities resulting from one spring, two steel bars, and thin steel head surfaces. Designed and hand... 


gon bops bongo cajon

Gon Bops Bongo Cajon

This Gon Bops Bongo Cajon is a different take on a box cajon—a percussion instrument that can be played between the legs like traditional bongos, with a distinctive mach... 


gon bops flamenco cajon

Gon Bops Flamenco Cajon

Made in Peru in the traditional Spanish style, this Gon Bops Flamenco cajon is made from indigenous woods and features a lightweight body, matte face with lacquer sides and ba... 


gon bops metal claves

Gon Bops Metal Claves

The Gon Bops Metal Claves offer a surprisingly good clave sound that can cut through the biggest of bands. These hollow metal claves are coated with a textured paint to improv... 


gon bops african clave

Gon Bops African Clave

The Gon Bops African Clave provides an authentic Clave sound at an amazing price. The curved cut away in the African Clave produces a sound chamber between the palm of the han... 


gon bops 3 bell triangle

Gon Bops 3 Bell Triangle

The Gon Bops PE3TRI consists of three triangle-shaped handmade bells by visionary percussion instrument designer Pete Engelhart. Explore the possibilities.  


gon bops pete engelhart shield bell

Gon Bops Pete Engelhart Shield Bell

The Gon Bops PESB Shield Bell consists of a pair of hand-welded steel bells and drum-style bell complete with Gon Bops V-Grip mounting system. Truly a work of art by the le... 


gon bops alex acuna special edition cajon

Gon Bops Alex Acuna Special Edition Cajon

Truly a work of art! The Alex Acuna Special Edition Cajon is beautifully hand-inlayed instrument that is also one of the most versatile Cajons on the market. Its deep, reso... 


gon bops fiesta series cajon - walnut

Gon Bops Fiesta Series Cajon - Walnut

The Gon Bops Fiesta Cajons are great value cajons. Walnut model includes an external dial to adjust the internal snare wires. The Mahogany model four internal guitar string... 


gon bops pete englehart clave bell

Gon Bops Pete Englehart Clave Bell

The Gon Bops PECB clave bell has a unique and unmistakable sound. This hand-welded raw steel Clave bell is unlike any other bell you will ever play. Designed and handcrafte... 


gon bops fiesta series cajon - mahongany

Gon Bops Fiesta Series Cajon - Mahongany

The Gon Bops Fiesta Cajons are great value cajons. Walnut model includes an external dial to adjust the internal snare wires. The Mahogany model four internal guitar string... 


gon bops daniel de los reyes signature cajon

Gon Bops Daniel De Los Reyes Signature Cajon

The Gon Bops Daniel De Los Reyers Signature Cajon is crafted from the finest cuts of poplar wood. This wood was selected for it's superior warmth and resonance. The interna... 


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