Tim Genis

tim genis rite of spring timpani mallets

Tim Genis Rite of Spring Timpani Mallets

"I normally never agree with naming a mallet after a specific piece for the simple reason of not wanting to "pigeon hole" a mallet to one piece, but with this pair, I couldn't... 


tim genis goto timpani mallets

Tim Genis Goto Timpani Mallets

Constructed with seven layers of felt, these mallets are complex in design. A tape core covered with different types of extremely snug wraps make these mallets a gem. They are... 


tim genis pesante timpani rollers

Tim Genis Pesante Timpani Rollers

The TG6 or Pesante Roller is the larger of the two TG rollers. The goal with this mallet was to make a perfectly balanced stick with as little attack as possible in each strok... 


tim genis large flannel timpani mallets

Tim Genis Large Flannel Timpani Mallets

A great flannel mallet, the TG10 is a must-have for Beethoven symphonies. Unlike its smaller counterpart, the TG10 produces more bottom in the sound, while still retaining... 


tim genis tonal timpani mallets

Tim Genis Tonal Timpani Mallets

A warm, dark mallet that can articulate, the TG3 uses a slightly thicker width bamboo than the TG1 & 2 to add the correct amount of low overtones in the sound. A great genera... 


tim genis deciso timpani mallets

Tim Genis Deciso Timpani Mallets

The TG2 or "Deciso" mallet originally started as a felt Beethoven mallet because of its bright character, full tone and quick impact. Basically a brighter version of the TG1, ... 


tim genis staccati timpani mallets

Tim Genis Staccati Timpani Mallets

The TG8 or "Stacatti" is the hardest felt mallet of the bamboo felt series with exception of the Rite of Spring Mallet. It is the only mallet that uses American felt, but, lik... 


tim genis leggiero timpani rollers

Tim Genis Leggiero Timpani Rollers

The TG5 pair uses a thin Tonkin bamboo shaft and is a bit lighter (33g) than the TG6. This mallet will produce a gorgeous soft roll on all drums, but is ideal for the two uppe... 


tim genis soft leather timpani mallets

Tim Genis Soft Leather Timpani Mallets

The TG13 mallet is made up of layers of soft leather in between flannel pieces, which is not a new idea in the timpani mallet world. What makes this mallet special is the type... 


tim genis dolce staccati timpani mallets

Tim Genis Dolce Staccati Timpani Mallets

The TG7 features a small head size with just the right inner wrap, giving this mallet a sweet tone without losing its articulate qualities. By using a slightly thicker bamboo ... 


tim genis hard leather timpani mallets

Tim Genis Hard Leather Timpani Mallets

The TG12 or Hard-Leather mallet is a very warm, wood-sounding mallet. A great wood substitute in Mahler symphonies, it would also work extremely well in Baroque and early Clas... 


tim genis small flannel timpani mallets

Tim Genis Small Flannel Timpani Mallets

The TG11 is slightly more delicate than the TG10 and has a smaller core height. It produces the same clarity as its larger counterpart, but has more of the higher overtones... 


tim genis appasionato timpani mallets

Tim Genis Appasionato Timpani Mallets

The TG4 or "Appassionato" is the largest and most lush sounding mallet in the line, producing big, round, single notes, like the slow triplets in the opening of Brahms 1st Sym...