Bopworks Drumsticks

Bopworks recreates drum sticks popular among jazz musicians from the 1950's and 60's. Research was conducted into stick length, tips and tapper of the era. Much attention is paid to get consistent ideal balance and response.

bopworks 40's swing classic drum sticks

Bopworks 40's Swing Classic Drum Sticks

Bopworks 40’s Swing Classic, also known as the Gene Krupa Drum Sticks, are an exact duplication of Gene’s fourties model drumstick, right down to the unique tri... 


bopworks birdland drumsticks

Bopworks Birdland Drumsticks

Bopworks Birdland Drumsticks are the Bopworks original. Ultra thin, long taper and full tip. Designed specifically for the Jazz drummer who requires a light stick that won'... 


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bopworks art blakey drumsticks

Bopworks Art Blakey Drumsticks

This is the Bopworks Drumsticks Art Blakey signature model. The 8D was recreated exactly from Art’s 60’s model. The longer taper and triangle tip make this stic... 


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bopworks mel lewis drumsticks

Bopworks Mel Lewis Drumsticks

Bopworks Mel Lewis Drumsticks are an exact recreation of Mel's sixties era 7D drumstick. Standard sixties taper with full acorn tip and Mel's signature in blue. A true Bop cla...