Cymbal Packs

sabian aax limited edition cymbal pack

Sabian AAX Limited Edition Cymbal Pack

The Sabian AAX Limited Edition Performance Cymbal Pack includes: 14" AAX Stage Hi-Hats 16" AAXplosion Crash 20" AAX Stage Ride for a very limi... 


zildjian a custom promo cymbal boxset with free 18" crash

Zildjian A Custom Promo Cymbal Boxset with Free 18" Crash

For a limited time this Zildjian A Custom Box Set includes a Free 18″ A Custom Crash. The Zildjian A Custom Box Cymbal Set features cymbals that were produced b... 


zildjian k cymbal pack with free 18" dark thin crash

Zildjian K Cymbal Pack with Free 18" Dark Thin Crash

Experience the rich, dark, warm sounds of the legendary K Zildjian cymbals. The "dark side" of Zildjian cymbals will enhance any style of music. These essential cymbals are a ... 


weiss traditional cast cymbal pack 1 with free splash & bag

Weiss Traditional Cast Cymbal Pack 1 With Free Splash & Bag

The Steve Weiss Traditional Cast Cymbal Pack offers an unparalleled value without compromising sound quality. Each set is hand-selected by our experienced staff to ensure ... 


zildjian zbt 3 cymbal pack with free 14" crash

Zildjian ZBT 3 Cymbal Pack with FREE 14" Crash

The Zildjian ZBT Series Starter Setup Pre-matched cymbal box set includes 13" HiHats, an 18" Crash-Ride and a FREE 14" Crash. Category: ZBT Series Type: Box Sets ... 


sabian hhx evolution performance set w/ free 18" o-zone crash

Sabian HHX Evolution Performance Set w/ FREE 18" O-Zone Crash

Special Edition Limited Package of Sabian HHX Evolution Cymbals. This special package includes a set of 14" HHX Evolution HiHats, 16" HHX Evolution Crash, 20" HHX Evolution R... 


sabian hhx super cymbal set

Sabian HHX Super Cymbal Set

The Sabian 15007XBS HHX Super Set gives you an entire full, professional cymbal setup in one box. The HHX Super Set includes 14″ and 16″ Xplosion Crashes, 14&Pr... 


paiste pst 3 universal cymbal set

Paiste Pst 3 Universal Cymbal Set

The Paiste PST 3 Universal Cymbal Set includes a pair of 14" hi-hats, 16" crash cymbal and 20" ride cymbal. PST 3 Cymbals are made of MS63 Brass. Paiste created affordable c... 


zildjian l80 low volume cymbal set - lv348

Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbal Set - LV348

Zildjian has come up with a way to save the relations between drummers and their neighbors. The Zildjian Low Volume Cymbal sets produce 80% less noise level than regular cy... 


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zildjian k custom hybrid cymbal pack

Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Cymbal Pack

The Zildjian KCH390 K Custom Hybrid Box set puts some of the worlds most musical and versitile cymbals in one box, sonically matched, ready to play. The K1224 14.25&... 


zildjian a 391 cymbal pack

Zildjian A 391 Cymbal Pack

The Zildjian A391 A series box set includes some of Zildjians most popular and versitile cymbals. The A Zildjian line is known for its bright, focused overtones and ability... 


zildjian zbt expander cymbal pack

Zildjian ZBT Expander Cymbal Pack

The Zildjian ZBT Expander Cymbal Pack will augment your exsisting setup with sounds that are essential for modern rock and pop music. Included in this pack is a ZBT 18 inch Cr... 


zildjian k custom dark box set

Zildjian K Custom Dark Box Set

The Zildjian K Custom Dark cymbals are known for their warm, rich sound that musically cuts through. Zildjian cymbal-smiths have given the a little extra hammering on top o... 


sabian sbr first pack cymbal pack

Sabian SBR First Pack Cymbal Pack

The Sabian SBR First Pack Cymbal Set includes pure brass cymbals with a great look and sound. SBR5001 Pack Includes: 13″ SBR Hi-Hat Cymbals ... 


sabian b8x two pack (45001)

Sabian B8X Two Pack (45001)

This Sabian B8X Series Cymbal Package is the bare minimum needed for a drum set. The B8X Series is designed to have clean and clear tonality that projects. Sabian matches t... 


sabian xs20 brilliant effects cymbal pack

Sabian XS20 Brilliant Effects Cymbal Pack

This Sabian XS20 Series Effects Cymbal Pack in Brilliant Finish includes a 10" Splash and an 18" Chinese cymbal that is the perfect add-on to anyone's existing cymbal setup. 


sabian b8 two pack (45011)

Sabian B8 Two Pack (45011)

Sabian B8X Series Cymbal Package includes 14" Hi-Hats and 16" Crash. 


sabian garage mix cymbal set

Sabian Garage Mix Cymbal Set

The Sabian Garage Mix Box set gives you more of what you want. Sabian breaks the mold on box sets with the introduction of The MIX! A refreshing change after decades of sin... 


sabian b8 pro performance cymbal pack

Sabian B8 Pro Performance Cymbal Pack

This Sabian B8 Pro Cymbal Performance PrePack is an affordable way to populate a drum set with cymbals. Includes 14" Medium HiHats 16" Thin Crash... 


sabian sbr performance cymbal pack

Sabian SBR Performance Cymbal Pack

The Sabian SBR Performance Cymbal Set includes pure brass cymbals with a great look and sound. SBR5003 Pack Includes: 14″ SBR Hi-Hat Cymbals ...