lp black beauty cowbell

LP Black Beauty Cowbell

It was designed to have a high pitched bright sound with a moderate overtone and a slightly rounded playing surface to make it easy to get a good sound with every hit of the s... 


lp mambo cowbell

LP Mambo Cowbell

The LP Mambo Cowbell has a sharp, raised playing surface making it an easy bell to play in a timbale set up. It has a deeper pitch and drier tone than the LP Timbale Cowbell.... 


lp black beauty senior cowbell

LP Black Beauty Senior Cowbell

This Sr. Model of the Black Beauty Cowbell has a similar shape as its name sake, but with a wider mouth. It is tuned a whole step lower in pitch and has a moderately dry sound... 


lp bongo cowbell

LP Bongo Cowbell

The LP Bongo Cowbell is a mountable version of the hand held bell traditionally played by bongoseros. The LP Bongo Cowbell is made with heavy gauge steel and has a deep, rich,... 


lp rock ridge rider cowbell

LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell

This patented bell is based on the Rock Cowbell and features a red Jenigor plastic bar across the top edge secured with specially designed rivets. The Jenigor bar has a dampen... 


lp prestige cowbell

LP Prestige Cowbell

With the LP Prestige Cowbell, we've recreated the sound of the original brass-clad, hand made bells that are a part of Americana. No dairy farm was complete without this ... 


lp rock cowbell

LP Rock Cowbell

This cowbell was designed with the drum set player in mind and serves the needs of rock musicians. It is made of 14 gauge steel, like our bongo cowbells, to provide added stre... 


pearl primero 6" cowbell (pcb6)

Pearl Primero 6" Cowbell (PCB6)

Primero 6" Cowbell will sound great at a fraction of the price. Combine this with the 4" version and you can play any bell gig that comes along. 


lp agogo bells - standard (lp231a)

LP Agogo Bells - Standard (LP231A)

LP Agogo Bells were born in the 1960's in response to the Bossa Nova craze. They are LP's interpretation of the instrument that comes from Brazil and are distinctly ... 


lp rock classic ridge rider cowbell

LP Rock Classic Ridge Rider Cowbell

This uniquely innovative patented bell starts with the Sergio Salsa Cowbell and features a yellow Jenigor plastic bar across the top edge which is secured with specially desig... 


lp salsa downtown timbale cowbell

LP Salsa Downtown Timbale Cowbell

LP Salsa Cowbells are hand-crafted in the LP tradition and are specifically designed for use in Latin music. They offer livelier sounds than other drier LP bells and have beco... 


lp timbale cowbell

LP Timbale Cowbell

The LP Timbale Cowbell is typically the larger of the two bells used in a timbale set up. Its lively sound contrasts nicely with the LP Bongo Cowbell. This low-pitch, moderate... 


pearl primero rock cowbell

Pearl Primero Rock Cowbell

The Pearl Primero Rock Cowbell is perfect for those with budget concerns and this PCB10 Primero Rock Cowbell will really cut through the loud music without breaking your walle... 


lp agogo bells - dry large (lp579)

LP Agogo Bells - Dry Large (LP579)

Designed in the Brazilian agogo bell style. Lower pitch and drier sound. Resemble the bells from the Bahia region of Brazil and have a flat steel handle that allows for the... 


lp bell diablo cowbell

LP Bell Diablo Cowbell

This LP Red Rock cowbell was designed in the USA and features red paint, 14 gauge steel and produces a moderately dry, low pitch. LP Cowbells are handmade in the USA ... 


lp deluxe black beauty cowbell

LP Deluxe Black Beauty Cowbell

Exactly the same size as the Black Beauty Cowbell, this Deluxe version has a highly polished chrome finish and fully welded seams. It has a brighter sound. LP Cowbells ... 


lp tapon model cowbell

LP Tapon Model Cowbell

The LP Tapon Model Cowbell is the smallest and highest pitch of the traditional shaped LP cowbells. Its sound is considered moderately dry with light overtones. It is crafted ... 


lp agogo bells - dry standard (lp577)

LP Agogo Bells - Dry Standard (LP577)

Designed in the Brazilian agogo bell style. Lower pitch and drier sound. Resemble the bells from the Bahia region of Brazil and have a flat steel handle that allows for the... 


lp salsa cha cha low cowbell

LP Salsa Cha Cha Low Cowbell

The low pitch version is somewhat larger than the high pitch version. They are bright bells with tuned overtones and are typically associated with Cha-Cha style music. They ar... 


lp jam bell - blue high pitch

LP Jam Bell - Blue High Pitch

LP Jam Bells have a unique shape that creates high pitched sounds. They have little sustain which makes them perfect for playing accents. Available in two sizes: low pitch - r...