Sound Effects & Game Calls

Weiss Anvil with Stand, Case, and Beaters

The Anvil measures 14″ long × 2″ wide × 1″ tall and produces a loud “metal” sound when struck. This sound is perfect for any music... 

Liberty One 24" Slapstick "Sleigh Ride Special"

This Liberty One Slapstick is 24" in length and is useful for far more than just Sleigh Ride. This slapstick is handcrafted in the heart of Lancaster County Pennsylvania. 

Weiss Brand Hand-Held Crank Siren

The Steve Weiss brand hand-held crank siren is the perfect solution to all of your musical siren needs. Made out of a heavy duty “fire” red plastic cover with p... 

Acme Nightingale Bird Call

Authentic Nightingale, Blackbird, Thrush and other spectacular sounds. 

Weiss Bell Tree - Mountable with Steel Frame

This Weiss Mountable Bell Tree on a steel stand features 27 solid brass bells. The belltree is a classic sound effect perfect for musical transitions and accents. Play melodic... 

Weiss Steel Sleigh Bells

The Weiss Steel Sleigh Bells have a nice full sound that usually you only find on older sleigh bells after they’ve been played for years. Works well with our ex... 

Weiss Brand Bell Plate

This chrome metal Bell Plate measures 9″x8″. This plate produces a loud higher pitched metallic sound and is extremely functional for many types of music. 

Weiss Classic Ratchet

This standard ratchet has been around for years and still is the most popular versions sold. This is a must-have product for any school program or theatre percussioni... 

Conch Shell Horn

The Conch Shell is a large seashell played like a ceremonial fanfare trumpet. The volume depends on the style of blowing rather than breath volume capacity. In ancient time... 

Marching Machine (SW-MARCHING)

The New and Improved Steve Weiss Brand Marching Machine produces the sound of marching feet when played on any wooden or metal surfaces. These Hand Crafte... 

Acme Siren Whistle

This siren whistle produces a clear, clean sound of a siren. 

Meinl Galaxy

The Meinl Galaxy features two resonant liquid chambers connected by a long steel spiral and is played while holding it in one hand while the other hand holds the 

Devil Chaser Set (CHASERSET)

This set of two Weiss Brand Devil Chasers....aka Cricket a MUST when playing the John Cage piece Third Construction. 

American Plating Slide Whistle - The American Song Whistle (model 302)

The slide whistle is most commonly used as a sound effect, but it is also possible to play melodies on the slide whistle.  

Liberty One Pop Gun

The Liberty One Pop Gun creates a pop sound effect used in many popular pieces of music and theater performances throughout the years. The Pop Gun is durable and rel... 

LP Flex-A-Tone Standard (LP1-5)

The LP Flex-A-Tone is a unique instrument that creates a wave of eerie, saw blade-like sounds though varied pitches. Bend the spring steel with thumb pressure as the wo... 

Acme Train Locomotive Whistle

The Acme Train Locomotive Whistle delivers a classic train, locomotive sound effect. A perfect addition to an orchestral, pops, or broadway show pit orchestra. S... 

Weiss Large Wooden Ratchet

This large version of the traditional ratchet measures 14.5″ long and is very loud. These large ratchets are hand crafted in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  

Meinl Helix Bowl

The Meinl Helix Bowl is a wonderful new instrument consisting of a steel helix welded to a resonating chamber. The Helix Bowl is either stroke or struck, and is played off the... 

Bachovich Bere-Boi

This small effect instrument creates a creaking and squeaking sound that will have your audience mesmerized. An example of this can be heard in the Broadway production of T...