adams 4.3 oct soloist padouk marimba w/ voyager frame

Adams 4.3 Oct Soloist Padouk Marimba w/ Voyager Frame

The Adams MSPV43 Padouk Wood Bar 4.3 Octave Marimba delivers a full-size marimba for home or school use at an affordable price. This Adams 4.3 Octave Marimba features... 


yamaha 5 octave professional rosewood marimba

Yamaha 5 Octave Professional Rosewood Marimba

Yamaha's Exclusive Tuning Method Ensures true pitch and full sound and the Rosewood Bars produce a high quality, traditional sound. The graduated tone bars are ... 


adams 4.3 oct concert synthetic marimba w/ field frame

Adams 4.3 Oct Concert Synthetic Marimba w/ Field Frame

The Adams Concert Series MCKF43 Synthetic Marimba is constructed using Adams specially designed Synthetic bars. These bars are designed specifically for both outdoo... 


yamaha 4.3 octave padouk marimba

Yamaha 4.3 Octave Padouk Marimba

Yamaha YM1430C 4.3 Octave Padauk Standard marimba with A25-C76 range, two-position resonator slots, height adjustable angle supports and essential accidental resonators. I... 


adams 4.3 oct. concert padouk marimba with voyager frame

Adams 4.3 Oct. Concert Padouk Marimba with Voyager Frame

The Adams MCPV43 4.3 Octave Concert Wide-Bar Series Padouk Marimba has the same features of the best selling Concert Series marimbas including: Concert Series bar width, we... 


majestic 4.3 octave padouk marimba

Majestic 4.3 Octave Padouk Marimba

The Majestic 4.3 Octave Padouk Bar Marimba features an elegant concert leg system with hand cranks mounted high for easy height adjustment. Combined with offset arch resonato... 


yamaha 5 octave artist rosewood marimba

Yamaha 5 Octave Artist Rosewood Marimba

The Yamaha YM-6100 5 Octave Marimba was designed in conjunction with world-renowned marimba legend Keiko Abe. The YM-6100 is the culmination of over 40 years of instrument de... 


musser 5.0 concert grand soloist rosewood marimba (m500)

Musser 5.0 Concert Grand Soloist Rosewood Marimba (M500)

The Musser M500 Concert Grand Soloist is highly regarded for its classic design and masterful, rich tone in the note range of C2-C7. A choice among professional recitalists fo... 


adams 3.0 octave academy series padouk marimba

Adams 3.0 Octave Academy Series Padouk Marimba

The Adams AMPD30 3.0 Octave Padouk Wood Bar Marimba is designed to offer exceptional quality of sound to a broad range of players. Ideally suited for young percussionists, the... 


adams 4.3 oct concert synthetic marimba w/ voyager frame

Adams 4.3 Oct Concert Synthetic Marimba w/ Voyager Frame

Adams Concert Series Synthetic Marimbas are constructed using Adams specially designed Synthetic bars. These bars are designed specifically for both outdoor and ind... 


yamaha 4.3 octave acoustalon marimba w/ m. frame ii

Yamaha 4.3 Octave Acoustalon Marimba w/ M. Frame II

This 4.3 Octave Synthetic Bar Marimba features a Multi-Frame II for added durability outside (and in) and includes a cover. Features Include: 4.3 octave marimba... 


adams 5.0 octave alpha series rosewood marimba

Adams 5.0 Octave Alpha Series Rosewood Marimba

The Adams Alpha Series 5 Octave Rosewood Marimba features Adams latest tuning advancements and the Alpha series design options, which are sure to make your marimba stand ou... 



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musser 4.3 classic grand kelon marimba (m300)

Musser 4.3 Classic Grand Kelon Marimba (M300)

The versatility of the Classic Grand Marimba allows the percussionist to perform in any environment and features wide graduated Kelon Bars that deliver superb tone that is hig... 


yamaha 4.3 octave acoustalon marimba

Yamaha 4.3 Octave Acoustalon Marimba

Yamaha 4 1/3 Octave Acoustalon marimba with A25-C76 range, three-position resonator slots, height adjustable frame, dual angle supports and horizontal leg supports. Includ... 


adams 4.3 oct soloist rosewood marimba w/ voyager frame

Adams 4.3 Oct Soloist Rosewood Marimba w/ Voyager Frame

Adams 4.3 Octave Soloist Series Rosewood Bar Marimba with standard Voyager frame is a tremendous value for a full size, Rosewood bar instrument. This MSHV43 model Marim... 


malletech 5.0 octave imperial grand marimba

Malletech 5.0 Octave Imperial Grand Marimba

The Malletech MA 5.0 Imperial Grand 5 Octave Marimba may be the pinnacle of marimba design. Featuring a solid oak frame and brass hardware, the MA5.0 is visually stunning. Ex... 


musser 4.0 studio padouk marimba (m32)

Musser 4.0 Studio Padouk Marimba (M32)

The Musser M32 Studio Marimba has non-graduated Padouk bars in the C3-C7 note range. The 4-octave marimba has silver finish aluminum resonators, and includes a height adjustab... 


malletech 5.0 octave mjb concert marimba

Malletech 5.0 Octave MJB Concert Marimba

The Malletech MJBA5.0 Marimba features a game-changing marimba design. The oversized, super smooth technology (SST) resonator tubes are tunable, and sound as good as they l... 


yamaha 4.3 octave cadenza rosewood marimba

Yamaha 4.3 Octave Cadenza Rosewood Marimba

Redesigned 4 1/3 Octave, height-adjustable Cadenza Rosewood Marimba. Includes cover. Yamaha's exclusive tuning method ensures true pitch and full sound. Rosewo... 


yamaha 4.5 octave recitalist rosewood marimba

Yamaha 4.5 Octave Recitalist Rosewood Marimba

Yamaha 4 1/2 Octave Recitalist marimba with F21-C76 range, 1 5/8" - 2 1/2" graduated bars, adjustable resonator caps on F#22-A#26, height adjustable frame by gas spring struts...