adams 3.5 octave academy series light rosewood xylophone

Adams 3.5 Octave Academy Series Light Rosewood Xylophone

The Adams AXLD35 3.5 oct Academy Light Rosewood Xylophone offers a new level of quality and value for percussionists around the world. Setup is a snap, even for younge... 


yamaha 3.5 octave standard series padouk xylophone (yx135c)

Yamaha 3.5 Octave Standard Series Padouk Xylophone (YX135C)

3 1/2 octave Standard Padauk wood xylophone with F-45-C88 range. Includes cover . Yamaha's exclusive tuning method ensures true pitch and full sound. Padauk woo... 


adams 3.5 octave soloist rosewood xylophone (xshv35)

Adams 3.5 Octave Soloist Rosewood Xylophone (XSHV35)

All Adams Instruments are tuned to the SIXTH overtone for clearer, more precise tuning than others on the market. XSHV35 3.5 Octave Soloist Xylophone Wood: Hondur... 


adams 3.5 octave soloist synthetic xylophone (xskv35)

Adams 3.5 Octave Soloist Synthetic Xylophone (XSKV35)

The Adams 3.5 Octave Soloist Synthetic Xylophone's bars are designed to sound very reminiscent of rosewood bars. The results are very spot on. The sound and feel of the 1.5... 


malletech 4.0 octave bob becker ragtime xylophone

Malletech 4.0 Octave Bob Becker Ragtime Xylophone

The Malletech Bob Becker Soloist Model is one of the most popular models of signature Xylophones on the market today. This Malletech Xylophone features 1 5/8" to 2 1/2"... 


adams 4.0 octave concert rosewood xylophone (xchv40)

Adams 4.0 Octave Concert Rosewood Xylophone (XCHV40)

Adams Concert Series Xylophones are constructed of carefully selected, graduated Honduras Rosewood bars that are perfectly tuned through the SIXTH overtone...thus producing a ... 


adams 3.5 octave soloist synthetic xylophone w/ frame (xskf35)

Adams 3.5 Octave Soloist Synthetic Xylophone W/ Frame (XSKF35)

Adams Soloist Series Synthetic Xylophones feature bars constructed of an extremely durable and warm sounding synthetic material. The Bars are uniform in width but o... 


musser 3.0 octave kelon piccolo xylophone (m39)

Musser 3.0 Octave Kelon Piccolo Xylophone (M39)

Musser Piccolo 3.0 Octave synthetic bar Xylophone is perfect for Pit work or if you're simply on the go.....no matter where you're going. This Piccolo portable Xyloph... 


musser 3.5 octave kelon xylophone (m51)

Musser 3.5 Octave Kelon Xylophone (M51)

The Pro-Portable xylophone features Musser exclusive Kelon bars which resist changes in temperature and humidity to maintain total quality and dynamic response. Detac... 


adams 4.0 octave soloist rosewood xylophone (xshv40)

Adams 4.0 Octave Soloist Rosewood Xylophone (XSHV40)

All Adams Instruments are tuned to the SIXTH overtone....thus producing a more splendid tone. XSHV40 4.0 Octave Soloist Xylophone Wood: Honduras Rosewood ... 


yamaha 3.5 octave rosewood symphonic xylophone

Yamaha 3.5 Octave Rosewood Symphonic Xylophone

Yamaha 3 1/2 octave Symphonic xylophone with F45-C88 range and hand-selected rosewood bars. Includes a cover . The bars are produced from carefully aged and hand... 


musser 3.5 octave rosewood xylophone (m50)

Musser 3.5 Octave Rosewood Xylophone (M50)

The portable professional xylophone from Musser features triple-tuned Rosewood Bars that are lightly stained and lacquered. Detachable resonators, made of a coated si... 


yamaha 3.5 octave acoustalon symphonic xylophone

Yamaha 3.5 Octave Acoustalon Symphonic Xylophone

The Yamaha YX-500F Acoustalon Xylophone comes with two-position resonator slots and features synthetic bars for consistent tone quality throughout the range of the instrument.... 


malletech 4.0 octave becker soloist xylophone

Malletech 4.0 Octave Becker Soloist Xylophone

The Malletech XBA 4.0 Bob Becker Soloist Xylophone is an updated version of the "Artist Special" from the golden age on the xylophone. The XBA 4.0 has been designed with the p... 


malletech 4.0 octave orchestral xylophone

Malletech 4.0 Octave Orchestral Xylophone

The Malletech XA4.0 4 Octave Xylophone is the perfect harmony between modern and vintage. Based on the Leedy model G.H. Green played, the XA 4.0 features a solid honey finish ... 


yamaha 3.5 octave acoustalon xylophone with cover and tough terrain frame

Yamaha 3.5 Octave Acoustalon Xylophone with Cover and Tough Terrain Frame

This package includes tha Yamaha YX500FC Xylophone with T-335 Tough-Terrain Frame. Also includes a cover . 3 1/2 octave xylophone with reinforced frame is ideal ... 


adams 4.0 octave alpha series rosewood xylophone

Adams 4.0 Octave Alpha Series Rosewood Xylophone

The Adams Alpha Xylophone strikes an iconic pose in any venue. Featuring our wide uniformed width Alpha tuned Honduras Rosewood bars for consistent tuning and ease of playing ... 



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bergerault 3.5 octave xylophone with gridiron frame

Bergerault 3.5 Octave Xylophone with Gridiron Frame

The Bergerault Concert Xylophone is made of the highest quality materials and with beautiful workmanship. The synthetic keys provide a sonority approaching the quality of a... 


majestic gateway series 2.5 octave padauk bar xylophone

Majestic Gateway Series 2.5 octave Padauk Bar Xylophone

Majestic Gateway Modular system provides the beginner percussionist with performance quality instruments. The X4525D Xylophone gives the player warm tone within a compact s... 


adams 2.5 octave mountable soloist synthetic xylophone

Adams 2.5 Octave Mountable Soloist Synthetic Xylophone

The Adams XSKV-25 2.5 Octave Mountable Synthetic Xylophone adds flexibility to any pit setup. Easily mount the xylophone onto any rack setup by putting the end rail mountin...