Kids Percussion

pearl fun box cajon

Pearl Fun Box Cajon

In response to increased support and awareness of the value of music and drums in education, particularly with young children, Pearl has created the Fun Box. The Fun Box, much... 


ludwig junior drum set

Ludwig Junior Drum Set

The Ludwig Junior Drum Set is perfect for kids, or those looking for a compact kit. Includes everything you need to get started including drums, cymbals, and stands. Sized fo... 



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boomwhackers c major diatonic scale set

Boomwhackers C Major Diatonic Scale Set

Consists of 8 notes: C' to C". The Diatonic Set allows more songs to be played and has been preferred over the pentatonic scale by most music educators and people more fami... 


vic firth kidsticks

Vic Firth Kidsticks

Vic Firth Kidsticks are engineered to make playing easy for the very young drum set player – ages 3 - 8. Produces a quality sound. Designed to be as much fun to play wit... 


remo kids hand drum

Remo Kids Hand Drum

Remo Kids frame drums feature Remo''s Fiberskyn® 3 heads that are used on the top of the line professional drums. The history of this ancient instrument will continue to i... 



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remo will schmid world music drumming package a

Remo Will Schmid World Music Drumming Package A

Open up a world of music and culture to your students. The Remo Will Schmid World Music Drumming Package includes an entire classroom’s worth of drums and percussion ... 


remo kids floor tom

Remo Kids Floor Tom

The Remo Kids Percussion Floor Tom-Tom measures 10" diameter and 7.5" tall.....the perfect size for any Lil' Drummer-To-Be. Two Mallets are included with this drum so you can... 


remo kids lollipop drum

Remo Kids Lollipop Drum

Remo Lollipop drums are easy to play frame drum that is based on a simple drum design that has been around since mankind's earliest days. Available in three sizes, 6", 8" & 10... 



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boomwhackers boomophone xts whack pack

Boomwhackers Boomophone XTS Whack Pack

Includes the 8-tube Boomwhackers C Major Diatonic Set, XyloTote™ Tube Holder, Boomwhacker Whacker™ Mallets, the Whack-a-Doodle-Doo! Songbook, an Octavator&trad... 


remo kids djembe

Remo Kids Djembe

The Remo Kid's Percussion Djembe features a pre-tuned drumhead and has an overall measurement of 8" diameter and 14" tall. This is the perfect addition to any Lil' Drummer-To... 


meinl nino wood animal scrapers

Meinl NINO Wood Animal Scrapers

The NINO® Wood Animals are great sounding miniature imitations of a grasshopper, snail, turtle and pig. Scratching the wooden beater on the surface of the instruments c... 



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boomwhackers chromatics set

Boomwhackers Chromatics Set

Consists of the 5 sharps/flats for our standard octave. It forms a different pentatonic scale, which has its own pleasing sound and combines with our Diatonic Set to create... 


weiss brand 08" single row tambourine

Weiss Brand 08" Single Row Tambourine

This Steve Weiss brand 8" single row jingle Tambourine features a calf head and steel jingles. 


first note rhythm sticks

First Note Rhythm Sticks

The First Note Rhythm Sticks are easy and fun to play. Scrape them together for a rasp sound or use them to play other instruments. These durable sticks are safe for childr... 


remo kids bongos

Remo Kids Bongos

The Remo Kids Percussion Bongo Drums are the perfect size for developing hands as they measure 5" and 6" in diameter. These bongos include sturdy Remo Fiberskyn 3 drumheads th... 


remo rhythm club bongos

Remo Rhythm Club Bongos

Remo Rhythm Club Kids Bongos feature 5" and 6" diameter heads so they are easy for young hands to play on. Bongos: The Rhythm Club bongos are so cool. Place them on t... 


remo kids tubano

Remo Kids Tubano

The Remo Kid's Percussion Tubano features a pre-tuned drumhead that is pitched to sound like a conga drum and has an overall measurement of 10" diameter and 22" tall. This is... 


remo kids gathering drum - 8"x18"

Remo Kids Gathering Drum - 8"x18"

The Remo Kids Gathering Drum can be played with the hands, sticks or mallets. Kids enjoy playing this big drum solo style but have the most fun when other kids (big kids too) ... 


lp rhythmix egg shakers (pair) - black

LP Rhythmix Egg Shakers (Pair) - Black

Produces quick, delicate and responsive sounds. Black Safety approved for ages 2 and up Patented Sold in pairs  


vic firth kidphones headphones

Vic Firth Kidphones Headphones

Vic Firth Kidphones Headphones are non-electric headphones that are specially sized for children and reduce overall noise levels by 22 decibels. From the start, caring for ki...