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Alexander Middle School

The following is a list of mandatory items necessary for all beginning percussionists at Alexander Middle School, with the exception of the wire music stand and practice marimba. It is crucial that all items are purchased and received before the start of the fall semester, so that we may begin instruction.
Product Model Price Quantity
Salyers Practice Pad Laminate SAL-LAMX $ Options Available
Salyers 12" Double Sided Practice Pad SAL-SPAD12D $36.95
Salyers Fulcrum Finder Concert Snare Drumsticks SAL-PCS1FF $13.95 Out of Stock
Humes & Berg Galaxy Grip Bag Stick and Mallet Bag HUM-GRIP-BAG $59.95
Salyers Performance Collection Birch Marimba Mallets - Hard SAL-PCM40 $42.95
Liberty One Extended Concert Height Snare Drum Stand SW-SS800EX $69.95
Bush-Player's Guide For the Beginning Percussionist BUSHPLAYERSGUIDE $29.99