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Camden County High School

Below is a list of everything percussionists at Camden County High School are encouraged and expected to have on a daily basis. Students are responsible for replacing lost or broken items throughout the year in order to be prepared for rehearsal each day. Make sure your stick bag is clearly labeled with your name. All percussionists are expected to have at least one pair of concert snare drum sticks, yarn mallets, acrylic mallets, timpani mallets, and a stick bag in class every day. These requirements can be satisfied with the pack listed in the "Required Materials" list, but may also be met with items from the "Recommended/Optional" list. In an effort to limit the sharing of playing implements and building professionalism, all students are encouraged to build their own collection of sticks and mallets to avoid having to use school-owned supplies. These recommendations can be found in the "Recommended/Optional Items" list.