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Cohasset Middle School

The following list contains everything needed for participation in the Cohasset Middle School Bands. It is a variety of sticks/mallets that will be used everyday as the students "instrument." Due to the nature of percussion, we have the instruments in class, however, it is the students responsibility to have their own sticks/mallets. If there are any problems/concerns with getting the pack, please contact me and we can figure something out! MEwell@cohassetk12.org
Product Model Price Quantity
Liberty One LBB Brass Birch Bell Mallets SW-LBB $12.49
Vic Firth American Custom SD1 Drumsticks - General VIC-SD1 $10.99
Liberty One Basic Stick Bag (02S) SW-02S $9.95
Liberty One LLB Lexan Birch Bell / Xylophone Mallets SW-LLB $11.95 Out of Stock
Evans HQ 6" RealFeel Mountable Practice Pad EVA-RF6GM $19.99
Liberty One LXM Medium Birch Xylophone Mallets SW-LXM $11.95