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Gettysburg College

The following items are required for MUS_CLAS 156 Percussion Methods. Listed items include all texts, as well as necessary sticks and mallets. Any deviations from this list for sticks and mallets must be approved by the instructor.
Product Model Price Quantity
Siwe-Percussion: A Course of Study (Student Workbook) SIW16619 $37.00
Liberty One Basic Stick Bag (02S) SW-02S $9.95
Whaley-Primary Handbook for Snare Drum 00317049 $9.85
Cirone/Grover/Whaley-The Art of Percussion Playing 00317158 $22.45
Whaley-Primary Handbook for Mallets 00317032 $14.35
Peters-Sea Refractions-M PETERS MUS 18 $5.95
Liberty One Medium Timpani Mallets SW-LT2 $24.95
Liberty One LMM Medium Yarn Birch Marimba Mallets SW-LMM $16.95
Liberty One LX02 Hard Medium Birch Xylo / Bell Mallets SW-LX02 $16.95
Vic Firth American Custom SD1 Drumsticks - General VIC-SD1 $12.99
Whaley-Primary Handbook for Timpani 00317057 $14.35