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Harper's Choice Middle School

This list contains the required items for percussion students at Harper's Choice Middle School. Percussionists are expected to have a number of items, but these supplies are relatively inexpensive (especially compared to the cost of a wind instrument!). While these supplies will be important for practicing at home, it is especially important that percussionists purchase these supplies so that students will not be sharing equipment when we return to the building. Please note that percussion students should also rent or own a kit that contains bells and a drum pad, just like in elementary school. Check out the band handbook for a list of stores where you can rent an instrument, and let Ms. Miller know if you need additional help.

In case students need something quieter to practice bells with... Balter Unwound 5B

Product Model Price Quantity
Balter Unwound Series 5B Medium Hard Dark Green Rubber Mallets - Birch BAL-B5B $22.95
Salyers Etude Series Birch Mallets - PVC SAL-E90 $12.95 Out of Stock
Innovative Fundamental Series F1.5 Medium Marimba Mallets INN-F1.5 $19.95 Out of Stock
Vic Firth American Custom SD1 Drumsticks - General VIC-SD1 $12.99
Humes & Berg Galaxy Stick Bag (GL8000) HUM-GL8000 $15.49 Out of Stock