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Ithaca College

The following items are strongly suggested materials for private lessons and ensemble work at Ithaca College. Please attempt to acquire these before the first day of classes. The total below may look like a large investment, but it is meant to be the primary purchase for your entire four years. Also, compare this to the cost of a string player's instrument and hopefully it comes into perspective as a relatively small investment. However, It is understood that everyone has various financial needs and accommodations might be necessary. This is absolutely fine, but please write to Dr. Truesdell about this before the year begins. If you have a comparable choice in your selection already, please email Dr. Truesdell about the substitution to get the "ok". Thank you!
Product Model Price Quantity
Aleo-Complementary Percussion 0859 $40.00
Vic Firth American Concept Freestyle Series 5A Drumsticks VIC-FS5A $14.99
Liberty One Jumbo Mallet Bag With Backpack SW-MALLETBAG $42.95 Out of Stock
Vic Firth Contemporary Series Vibraphone Mallets - Hard VIC-M242 $49.99 Out of Stock
Zeltsman-Four-Mallet Marimba Playing 06620055 $22.50
Udow/Watts-Contemporary Percussionist 00317062 $15.25
Bergamo-Style Studies 55-72005 $9.70
Black Swamp 10" Double Row Tambourine - TC1 BLA-TC1 $219.00
Malletech Natural Rubber NR29R Very Hard Rattan Xylo/Bell Mallets MAL-NR29R $40.49
Peters-Developing Dexterity for Snare Drum PETERS METHOD 4 $14.50
Wilcoxon-All-American Drummer, The 10300202 $17.99
Dragonfly Percussion Brass Triangle Beater Set DRA-TSET $167.95
Green-Instruction Course for Xylophone 00317044 $31.50
Delecluse-20 Studies for Timpani AL 23933 $31.50
Innovative CL1L Chris Lamb Beech Laminate Concert Snare Drumsticks INN-CL1L $25.95
Black Swamp 7" Legacy Bronze Triangle BLA-LBT7 $169.00
Dragonfly Percussion 1" Black Bell Mallets, Rattan DRA-1BR $36.95
Friedman-Vibraphone Technique: Dampening and Pedaling 50449570 $9.95
Delecluse-Method for Snare Drum AL 23983 $31.50
Encore NZ4B Nancy Zeltsman Medium Birch Marimba Mallets ENC-NZ4B $48.95
Innovative BT6 Staccato Bamboo Timpani Mallets INN-BT6 $58.95
Innovative Chris Lamb Orchestral Series CL-X5 Medium Nylon Xylophone Mallets INN-CL-X5 $38.95
Innovative BT4 General Bamboo Timpani Mallets INN-BT4 $58.95
Planet Waves Tuning Fork - Key of A EVA-PWTF-A $13.49
Weiss Wooden Triangle Clip SW-WOODCLIP $7.95
Encore NZ2B Nancy Zeltsman Medium Harder Birch Marimba Mallets ENC-NZ2B $48.95
Innovative BT7 Ultra Staccato Bamboo Timpani Mallets INN-BT7 $58.95