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Second Year

Product Model Price Quantity
Dragonfly Percussion 3/4" Black Phenolic Bell Mallets DRA-34B $21.95
Innovative BT4 General Bamboo Timpani Mallets INN-BT4 $55.95 Out of Stock
Dragonfly Percussion 1" Clear Bell Mallets (La Mer) DRA-1C $21.95 Out of Stock
Hochrainer-Etuden for Timpani (Vol. 1) 05 801 $27.99
Wittner Tuning Fork - Square Prongs A-440 WIT-922A $9.95
Innovative BT7 Ultra Staccato Bamboo Timpani Mallets INN-BT7 $55.95
Pratt-14 Modern Contest Solos EL41016 $7.15
Innovative BT5 Medium Hard Bamboo Timpani Mallets INN-BT5 $55.95 Out of Stock