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Myrtle Grove Middle School

This guide is for percussion students at Myrtle Grove Middle School (Wilmington, NC) to use as a reference for the required materials to purchase. These materials will be used throughout middle school and high school. The bare minimum for students to own is 1 pair of drumsticks, 1 pair of bells/xylophone mallets, 1 pair of marimba/vibraphone mallets (wrapped in yarn or cord), 1 pair of timpani mallets and a mallet bag. In this section, you can either choose each recommended item individually, OR you can purchase either the "Steve Weiss BestSeller Stick Pack #1" OR "Steve Weiss BestSeller Intermediate Stick Pack #2".

7th grade percussionists need to have 2 matching pairs of marimba/vibraphone mallets (wrapped in yarn or cord). If you are choosing to buy one of the stick packs, you will need to purchase an additional pair of mallets that matches the marimba mallets in the pack.

Product Model Price Quantity
Innovative Soloist Series IP240 Medium Birch Marimba Mallets INN-IP240 $42.95
Liberty One Basic Stick Bag (02S) SW-02S $9.95
Steve Weiss Best Seller Stick Pack #1 SW-BESTPACK1 $104.95
Innovative James Ross IP902 Med Soft Xylo/Bell Mallets INN-IP902 $38.95
Steve Weiss Best Seller Intermediate Stick Pack #2 SW-BESTPACK2 $154.95
Innovative CL1 Chris Lamb Maple Concert Snare Drumsticks INN-CL1 $12.95
Innovative General Series GT3 Medium Timpani Mallets INN-GT3 $35.95