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New Smyrna Beach Middle School

The following list is all recommended items for Percussion students in Concert/Beginning Bands for the next 3 years. It is recommended students purchase all items in 6th gd to ensure they are not missing an item when a concept is taught. Larger specialty items required for percussion will be purchased by the Band for students to use during a performance. Students are responsible for replacing their sticks and mallets as needed during the year. They don't last forever.

In the interest of all students being able to afford equipment options are given for students you may choose either the Name Brand or the Weiss/Liberty one option for each. Both are good quality and will hold up. The name brands do have better feel in the hand and more characteristic sound. The house Brands are still very high quality and are purchased by our program often.

Students must have 1 of each of the following:

Snare sticks
Yarn Marimba Mallets
Bell/Xylo Mallets
Timpani Mallets
Either the small or medium stick bag.
Practice pad and bell kit or Educational bell/Snare kit