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Northfield Elementary School

This list contains the items needed for 4th and 5th grade percussion class at Northfield Elementary School. The Liberty One Pre-Pack contains the sticks/mallets and a stick bag to help transport the items back and forth to school. The bell/practice pad kit will stay at home for practicing. The mallet percussion book will be used extensively in class. The upgraded/optional practice pad is not required but is much better than what comes with the kit and makes a great birthday/holiday gift to help players stay motivated to practice. Contact Mr. Beall at school with any questions!
Product Model Price Quantity
Pearl PK910C Educational Bell Kit with Carry Bag and Rolling Cart PEA-PK910C $299.95
Liberty One Elementary Pre-Pack (SW-EPACK) SW-EPACK $44.95
Evans HQ 12" RealFeel 2-Sided Practice Pad EVA-RF12D $39.99
Wessels-Fresh Approach to Mallet Percussion (Audio Access Included) FAMP $17.05