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Reedy High School

The following consists of the complete list of what will be required as a Percussion Student in the Reedy High School Percussion Section. It is designed to build off of previous implement requirements from middle school. We strongly suggest purchasing ALL of the Items on the list and Do Not encourage substitutions.

  • Mr. Baldwin
Product Model Price Quantity
Innovative Ludwig Albert IP3105B Medium Birch Marimba Mallets INN-IP3105B $48.49
Innovative General Series GT5 Ultra Staccato Timpani Mallets INN-GT5 $31.95
Innovative CL3L Chris Lamb Beech Laminate Concert Snare Drumsticks INN-CL3L $23.95
Innovative IP1M Multi Percussion Drumsticks INN-IP1M $24.49 Out of Stock
Innovative BR2 Medium Plastic Retractable Brushes INN-BR2 $18.49