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Waubonsie Valley High School

Percussionists are required to play a wide variety of instruments in a number of settings and genres. While instruments will be provided for use, percussion students at Waubonsie Valley are required to own a basic "arsenal" of sticks and mallets. Listed below are the basic required materials and some suggested models. It is common for percussionists to add new sticks and/or mallets each year throughout their high school career as their skills continue to improve.

Each student is expected to own a basic setup, including:
  • one stick bag
  • one pair of concert snare drum sticks
  • one pair of drumset drumsticks
  • one pair of timpani mallets
  • one pitch pipe or Tonal Energy Phone App
  • two pair of matching marimba mallets (matching set of 4).

Below is a list of suggested models that have proven to work for the Waubonsie Valley Percussion program. Please do not choose something that is not on the list without first consulting a band director. Sticks and mallets have a HUGE impact on each player's tone and technique, so please choose wisely.