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Percussion Major Optional Materials

Product Model Price Quantity
Grover Bronze Triangle GRO-TR-B-X $37.10 Options Available
Grover 10" X-Series Synthetic Head Double Row Tambourine - Silver / Bronze GRO-T2/GSPH-X $218.00
Grover Alloy 303™ Standard Triangle Beater Set With Case - TBS GRO-TBS $60.00
Vic Firth Tom Gauger TG03 Bass Drum Mallet - Molto VIC-TG03 $74.99
Vic Firth Tom Gauger TG04 Bass Drum Mallets - Rollers (pair) VIC-TG04 $139.99 Out of Stock
Humes & Berg Galaxy Grip Bag Stick and Mallet Bag HUM-GRIP-BAG $59.95