gon bops marimbula

Gon Bops Marimbula

The Marimbula by Gon Bops is a traditional Afro-Cuban instrument. Sometimes in acoustic ensembles its deep, mellow tones are often used as a substitute for bass. Made in Peru ... 


rhythm tech js jingle shake

Rhythm Tech JS Jingle Shake

The Rhythm Tech Jingle Shake is a hand-held, tambourine-like instrument using three rows of jingles with a strong, metallic sound. Using it singularly or in pairs, play... 


meinl caxixi - medium

Meinl Caxixi - Medium

The MEINL CAX2 Medium Caxixi is hand woven and produces a soft, earthy shaker sound. The natural coconut bottom is the perfect surface for creating bright, crystal clear sh... 


tycoon percussion dancing drum series djun djun

Tycoon Percussion Dancing Drum Series Djun Djun

From the Tycoon Percussion's Dancing Drum series we have the Djun Djun's. Djun Djuns are usually the bass drum in a traditional west African djembe ensemble. The Drums are ... 



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weiss gopichand

Weiss Gopichand

The Weiss Brand Gopichand is imported from India and is about as traditional as you can get. The Gopichand is considered more of a rhythmic instrument and is played by pluc... 


overseas connection ghana single gong - large (g730c)

Overseas Connection Ghana Single Gong - Large (G730C)

This Overseas Connection Single Gong includes a wooden stick and is approx. 13" tall. Dance bells are the life of the rhythm-they are the time-keeper and the directo... 


meinl synthetic didgeridoos

Meinl Synthetic Didgeridoos

The Meinl Synthetic Didgeridoo is an modern take on a traditional instrument. This extremely durable didgeridoo is unaffected by weather so it’s perfect for outdoor u... 



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maracas llaneras - palo cruzado joropo maracas

Maracas Llaneras - Palo Cruzado Joropo Maracas

These are Maracas Llaneros Palo Cruzado Joropo Maracas, a hand held instrument similar in nature to the traditional salsa maracas, but the playing style is vastly different... 


lp ganza - large (lp353b)

LP Ganza - Large (LP353B)

The sounds of these shakers vary between the fill striking against the hard plastic bottoms for loud sounds or against the softer, woven basket sides for lighter sounds. 


overseas connection nigerian iron double agogo bells

Overseas Connection Nigerian Iron Double Agogo Bells

The Overseas Connection Nigerian Double Agogo Bells have a fantastic tone that is lower in pitch than most mass produced agogos. These are hand made in Nigeria and as a res... 


weiss kolhapuri bell set

Weiss Kolhapuri Bell Set

The Weiss Brand Kolhapuri bell set are a set of traditional Indian Brass bells. Useful for all types of bell effects. Includes 3 bells.  


meinl caxixi - small

Meinl Caxixi - Small

The MEINL CAX1 Caxixis is woven by hand with a coconut bottom. Their sound is crystal clear, high pitched with a great projection.  


lp ganza - small (lp353a)

LP Ganza - Small (LP353A)

The sounds of these shakers vary between the fill striking against the hard plastic bottoms for loud sounds or against the softer, woven basket sides for lighter sounds. 


overseas connection nigerian uyot seed waist or ankle rattle

Overseas Connection Nigerian Uyot Seed Waist or Ankle Rattle

The Overseas Connection N826 Nigerian Uyot Seed Waiste Rattle gives players authentic seed rattle tones that can be played in many ways. Use them in the traditional way, ti... 


liberty i rope tension bombo drum  - 16x20

Liberty I Rope Tension Bombo Drum - 16x20

The Liberty I Rope Tension Bombo Drum produces a warm, rustic, full low pitched tone. The Liberty One Bombo drum has a wood shell and is easily tuned via the rope tension a... 


meinl caxixi - large

Meinl Caxixi - Large

The MEINL CAX3 Caxixi is a classic shaker instrument that can be used by itself or witha Berimbau. Woven by hand with a coconut bottom, the CAX3 has a crystal clear, high p... 


meinl kokiriko - amber/black

Meinl Kokiriko - Amber/Black

The MEINL KO2AM/BK Kokiriko is capable of producing subtle rustling effects, loud clacking and anywhere in between. The Kokiriko sound effect originated in Japan and has be... 


meinl 11" tambora

Meinl 11" Tambora

The MEINL Tambora is a professional instrument that is essential in Merengue. The rhythm of the Merengue has its roots in the Dominican Republic and now you add its flavor ... 


meinl kalimba - medium

Meinl Kalimba - Medium

The MEINL KA9-M Medium Kalimba has a wonderful present tone and a great tuning that makes it fun to create songs and tunes. These Kalimba's are a great addition to any perc...