beck-encyclopedia of percussion (2nd edition)

Beck-Encyclopedia of Percussion (2nd Edition)

"Encyclopedia of Percussion" is a comprehensive guide to all things percussive. John Beck offers in depth descriptions as well as historical background on a wide range of top... 


chenoweth-marimbas of guatemala

Chenoweth-Marimbas of Guatemala

The Marimbas of Guatemala is an analytical study of the history of the Guatemalan marimba. Vida Chenoweth has compiled information on the origins and cultural significance of ... 


schick-percussionist's art (w/cd)

Schick-Percussionist's Art (w/CD)

The Percussionists Art: Same Bed, Different Dreams is a book about solo percussion music. Not long ago the very notion of a percussion soloist would have seemed ludi... 


bonfoey-percussion repair and maintenance

Bonfoey-Percussion Repair and Maintenance

Percussion Repair and Maintenance is THE performer's technical manual on repair and maintenance of all standard percussion equipment. Written by Mark Bonfoey, it contai... 


cirone/sinai-logic of it all

Cirone/Sinai-Logic Of It All

This timeless treatise on the professional secrets of percussion performance, written by two of America's most outstanding orchestral percussionists, provides the kind of info... 


press-mallet repair

Press-Mallet Repair

"Mallet Repair" is an in depth account of how to recover worn timpani or yarn mallets. Included are descriptions of materials needed, clear illustrations, and clear, simple in... 


cirone-on musical interpretation in percussion performance

Cirone-On Musical Interpretation in Percussion Performance

This one-of-a-kind exploration of interpretation by Anthony Cirone called On Musical Interpretation in Percussion Performance includes excerpts from 14 major works for ... 


bowles: the timpani a history in pictures and documents

Bowles: The Timpani A History in Pictures and Documents

NOW WITH SUPPLEMENTAL TEXT! Supplement inlcudes over 100 pages of additional photos and documents. Edmund Bowles' The Timpani: A History in Pictures and Documents re... 


moore-acoustics of bar percussion

Moore-Acoustics of Bar Percussion

A 160 page book containing acoustical descriptions of the marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, and orchestra bells; documentation of research work on partial structure of b... 


petrella-musician's toolbox, the

Petrella-Musician's Toolbox, The

The Musician's Toolbox is full of practical ideas to help you succeed in the classroom as well as in life. Written by Diane and Nick Petrella. 


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virtual drumline 2.5

Virtual Drumline 2.5

AN ENTIRE PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Virtual Drumline™ has made its mark as the industry standard for marching and concert percussion sounds. Compose... 


battisti/garofalo-guide to score study

Battisti/Garofalo-Guide to Score Study

This outstanding "one-of-a-kind" text was designed to assist the conductor in achieving a personal interpretation of music. "At last...the wind band world has a concis... 


falzerano-billy gladstone

Falzerano-Billy Gladstone

Admired by colleagues and the public alike, Billy Gladstone was the featured percussionist at New York's Radio City Music Hall for 18 years after its opening in 1932. He was a... 


wyre-touched by sound: a drummer&#39s journey

Wyre-Touched by Sound: A Drummer's Journey

"The music of the drum can inspire and direct our actions. Wandering through life, motivated by our natural curiosity and inspired by the creative responses to the challenges ... 


kulb-percussion crafts

Kulb-Percussion Crafts

"Percussion Crafts" is a usefull tool for percussionists on all levels of experience and study. Valuable information related to percussion repair and maintinance will help you... 


aldridge-guide to vintage drums

Aldridge-Guide to Vintage Drums

Written by the publisher of Not So Modern Drummer magazine, this is an essential guide for collectors-to-be that want to shop around, or for current collectors to discover dru... 


various-drum and percussion cookbook

Various-Drum and Percussion Cookbook

This valuable collection of quick-to-read yet deeply insightful strategies is like finding expert trade secrets all placed in one easy, quick-to-read source. Contributors to t... 


holland-practical percussion

Holland-Practical Percussion

Practical Percussion: A Guide to the Instruments and Their Sources, Revised Edition explores today's world of percussion and answers common questions. The second hal... 


kynaston-circular breathing

Kynaston-Circular Breathing

Author Kynaston discusses the technique of circular breathing in great detail here. The concept is a difficult one, but when learned and mastered, can improve the fluidity of ... 


harrison-music primer

Harrison-Music Primer

An intuiging and beatiful look into the musical perspective of Lou Harrison. A compilation of musical ideas concieved throghout Harrison's 85 year musical career.