Crash Cymbals

zildjian 19" a avedis crash cymbal

Zildjian 19" A Avedis Crash Cymbal

Presenting the Zildjian 19" A Avedis Crash Cymbal. The Zildjian A Avedis Series is a throwback to the cymbals of the 20's through the 60's. These cymbals were hugely popular d... 

meinl 16" classics medium crash cymbal

Meinl 16" Classics Medium Crash Cymbal

The Meinl C16MC 16″ Classics Medium Crash has a wide frequency spectrum with a warm sound. Its strong, immediate attack and medium sustain make it a great choice for ... 

sabian 18" aa raw bell crash cymbal

Sabian 18" AA Raw Bell Crash Cymbal

Strong, cutting and intense - and very well designed for high-volume performance. This classic thin and extremely musical crash delivers quick, even response.  

zildjian 20" k custom dark crash

Zildjian 20" K Custom Dark Crash

The 20" Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash Cymbal will put out a warm, rich sound that musically cuts through. This Crash is unique in that it has slightly dry, trashy overtones.... 

sabian 16" aa rock crash cymbal

Sabian 16" AA Rock Crash Cymbal

Explosive and penetrating, high-pitched volume is the strength of this cymbal of power. 

zildjian 19" k sweet crash cymbal

Zildjian 19" K Sweet Crash Cymbal

The Zildjian K Sweet 19" Crash Cymbal embraces the qualities of the K Series delivering sweet colorfully dark sounds with a heightened response. This Crash Cymbal features an ... 

sabian 16" hh vanguard crash cymbal

Sabian 16" HH Vanguard Crash Cymbal

The Sabian HH 16" Vanguard Cymbal has the qualities of the HH line and further developed them. The Vanguard line uses pinpoint lathing to bring out the details of sound. A thi... 

bosphorus 13" gold series vintage quick crash cymbal

Bosphorus 13" Gold Series Vintage Quick Crash Cymbal

The Gold Series 13″ Vintage Quick Crash Cymbal was created in conjunction with the Master Cymbal Smiths at Bosphorus and players here to provide a cymbal sound that h... 

zildjian 18" kerope crash cymbal

Zildjian 18" Kerope Crash Cymbal

The Zildjian KR18C 18″ Kerope brings back that exquisite K sound so sought after by drummers the world over. These hand crafted cymbals look as they sound&mdash... 

zildjian 16" k cluster crash cymbal

Zildjian 16" K Cluster Crash Cymbal

The Zildjian 16" K Cluster Crash Cymbal features an extra thin weight with an unlathed bell. The traditional K style hammering was used with the addition of extra hammer cl... 

bosphorus 16" 20th anniversary crash cymbal

Bosphorus 16" 20th Anniversary Crash Cymbal

The Bosphorus 16" 20th Anniversary Crash Cymbal excels in tone and versatility. This crash cymbal thrives in multiple musical applications due to the complex nature of the ... 

zildjian 18" z3 medium crash cymbal

Zildjian 18" Z3 Medium Crash Cymbal

Special lower price on discontinued crash. The Zildjian Z3 18" Medium Crash Cymbal is powerfully explosive. With their precise and instantaneous crash response, the Z3 18" Me... 

zildjian 20" a custom crash cymbal

Zildjian 20" A Custom Crash Cymbal

This Zildjian 20″ A Custom crash cymbal has a natural, bright, not too high, not too low. Speaks very quickly. Beautiful warm undertones.  

meinl 18" byzance vintage sand thin crash cymbal

Meinl 18" Byzance Vintage Sand Thin Crash Cymbal

The 18" Meinl Byzance Vintage Sand Crash is a dark-sounding cymbal with a short sustain. The defining atribute of this cymbal is the relativly trashy crash sound and the mo... 

zildjian 22" oriental crash of doom cymbal

Zildjian 22" Oriental Crash of Doom Cymbal

The Zildjian 22" Oriental Crash of Doom Cymbal is truly "one of a kind" monster Crash. Ultra-trashy, very dark and low pitched. Features an immediate, explosive attack and a t... 

sabian 16" frx crash cymbal

Sabian 16" FRX Crash Cymbal

The Sabian 16" FRX Crash Cymbal is fast and shimmering, with an exceptionally soft touch. FXR Series cymbals are designed for musical situations where most other cymbals a... 

zildjian 19" k dark thin crash cymbal

Zildjian 19" K Dark Thin Crash Cymbal

The Zildjian 19" K Dark Thin Crash Cymbal is a dark, warm, low-pitched crash. Fast decay. Complex, full-bodied. Very musical. Traditional Finish Low Pitc... 

dream 19" bliss series paper thin crash

Dream 19" Bliss Series Paper Thin Crash

The Dream Bliss Series 19" Paper Thin Crash delivers a unique crash with complex stick sounds. Dream hand hammers their Bliss Series cymbals before and after the lathing proce... 

zildjian 18" k custom session crash cymbal

Zildjian 18" K Custom Session Crash Cymbal

The Zildjian 18" K Custom Session Crash Cymbal is designed with Steve Gadd. Low dark sound with a quick decay, his favorite crash sound. Traditional Finish ... 

sabian 18" hhx stage crash cymbal

Sabian 18" HHX Stage Crash Cymbal

The Sabian 18" HHX Stage Crash has a medium weight that kicks up the volume and produces a solid attack. Warm, full-bodied tone with a great response. 18" HHX S...