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Crash Cymbals

zildjian 18" fast crash cymbal

Zildjian 18" Fast Crash Cymbal

True to their name, the Fast Crashes have a smooth, fast decay following an initial strong attack. Featuring a new bell design, these Crashes are bright, full-bodied and music... 

zildjian 19" kerope crash cymbal

Zildjian 19" Kerope Crash Cymbal

The Zildjian KR19C 19″ Kerope brings back that exquisite K sound so sought after by drummers the world over. These hand crafted cymbals look as they sound&mdash... 

sabian 19" sr2 thin crash cymbal

Sabian 19" SR2 Thin Crash Cymbal

This Sabian SR2 19" Thin Crash Cymbal comes from high-quality pre-played SABIAN models including those played by major SABIAN artists, returned from consignments, reviewed in ... 

bosphorus 18" traditional series thin crash cymbal

Bosphorus 18" Traditional Series Thin Crash Cymbal

Find your voice, then customize it. These instruments reflect the famous history of Turkish cymbal making at its finest. They also represent the widest collection of sounds in... 

meinl 18" byzance dark crash cymbal

Meinl 18" Byzance Dark Crash Cymbal

The Meinl B18DAC 18″ Byzance Dark Crash extends into a low frequency range and has an esoteric character caused by the untreated finish. This crash is earthy with a s... 

zildjian 18" thin crash cymbal

Zildjian 18" Thin Crash Cymbal

The Zildjian 18" Thin Crash Cymbal is fast, bright, lively, and very responsive. Category: A Zildjian Series Type: Crashes Size: 18 Weight: Thin Finish: Tra... 

sabian 16" aa raw bell crash cymbal

Sabian 16" AA Raw Bell Crash Cymbal

Strong, cutting and intense - and very well designed for high-volume performance. This classic thin and extremely musical crash delivers quick, even response.  

sabian 20" aax aero crash cymbal

Sabian 20" AAX Aero Crash Cymbal

Starting with the raw bell design of our very popular AAX X-Plosion Crash—and inspired by the success of the Holy China—the SABIAN Vault team experimented with ... 

sabian 18" xsr fast crash cymbal

Sabian 18" XSR Fast Crash Cymbal

The Sabian XSR 18" Fast Crash is highly versatile effective crash. Ideal for any drummer in any musical style. It will have quick response like a thin cymbal but with the p... 

paiste 16" formula 602 classic thin crash cymbal

Paiste 16" Formula 602 Classic Thin Crash Cymbal

The legendary Paiste 16″ Formula 602 Thin Crash Cymbal has been faithfully recreated with all of its vintage sound and looks. Renowned and loved for its fine, pure, s... 

sabian 16" hhxtreme crash cymbal

Sabian 16" HHXtreme Crash Cymbal

The Sabian 16" HHXtreme Crash Cymbal is a highly effective blend of a dark and a junky thin crash explosion with the raw, biting attack of a Chinese cymbal. Styl... 

sabian 16" hhx x-plosion crash cymbal

Sabian 16" HHX X-Plosion Crash Cymbal

Simmering, dark tones boosted by explosive power make this an ideal crash wherever a toneful explosion is desired. 

sabian 17" hhx legacy crash cymbal

Sabian 17" HHX Legacy Crash Cymbal

With dark, low-end response and much volume potential this highly responsive model can play loudly but is always musical. 

zildjian 19" k constantinople crash ride cymbal

Zildjian 19" K Constantinople Crash Ride Cymbal

Dark, warm, lush; gorgeous. Recreating the classic “old K” sound with the same dry overtones and smooth decay similar to the Ride cymbals that have proved so po... 

paiste 18" giant beat multi-function crash cymbal

Paiste 18" Giant Beat Multi-Function Crash Cymbal

The Paiste 18" Giant Beat Multi-Functional Cymbal is mellow, yet cutting and powerful. Fairly wide range, slightly complex mix. A distinctive silvery breath over a big, soft l... 

bosphorus 18" gold series fast crash cymbal

Bosphorus 18" Gold Series Fast Crash Cymbal

The Bosphorus Gold Series 18" Fast Crash is the cymbal that is set to revolutionize the rock community. Hand-Crafted in the Bosphorus tradition, these crashes are hand-polishe... 

bosphorus 16" antique series paper thin crash cymbal

Bosphorus 16" Antique Series Paper Thin Crash Cymbal

The Antique Series marries the two lathing patterns found on the Traditional Series and the Turk Series. These cymbals offer the brilliance of a classic, lathed cymbal and the... 

bosphorus 15" gold series vintage quick crash cymbal

Bosphorus 15" Gold Series Vintage Quick Crash Cymbal

The Gold Series 15″ Vintage Quick Crash Cymbal was created in conjunction with the Master Cymbal Smiths at Bosphorus and players here to provide a cymbal sound that h... 

meinl 16" byzance extra dry dual crash cymbal

Meinl 16" Byzance Extra Dry Dual Crash Cymbal

The Meinl 16" Byzance Extra Dry Dual Crash Cymbal is a contrast of an extra dry and brilliant finish with a unique combination of hammering and lathing. Dual playing zones ... 

zildjian 14" zbt crash cymbal

Zildjian 14" ZBT Crash Cymbal

The Zildjian 14 ZBT Crash Cymbal has a bright crash sound with easy playability. The perfect first crash cymbal. Traditional Finish Bright/Mid Sound ... 

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