Pre-Pack Heads

evans tom pack drum head packages

Evans Tom Pack Drum Head Packages

Evans Tom Pack head combinations are designed to give you the right sound for the music you’re playing while replacing all of your tom-tom heads at the same time for ... 



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remo tom pack drum head package

Remo Tom Pack Drum Head Package

Remo Tom Head Pre-Packs are offered to save you money by buying in sets. The same great Remo Drumheads, packaged in standard sized sets.  



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remo pts drum "head talk" set

Remo PTS Drum "Head Talk" Set

This Remo Pre-Tuned PTS Drum Headset Package is used in Mark Ford's Head Talk and Heads Up compositions. This Pre-Tuned Drum Head package consists of ONE each o... 


aquarian drum head pre-pack

Aquarian Drum Head Pre-Pack

Pre-Packaged Set of 3 Aquarian Tom Heads. Classic Clear™: A clear, single ply, medium weight head. It may be used on the top or bottom of a tom tom t... 



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remo snare drum head pro pack

Remo Snare Drum Head Pro Pack

Save big on this Remo Snare drum Pro Pack. The PP-SNAM-14 consists of one BA-0114-00 14″ Coated Ambassador and one SA-0114-00 14″ Hazy Snare Side head. This is ... 


remo gig-pack drum head package

Remo Gig-Pack Drum Head Package

Specially priced Remo Drumhead Gig-Pack features a P31322BP Clear 22" P3 Bass Drum Head, a BA0114 14" Coated Ambassador Drumhead and includes a FREE SA0114 14" Snare Side Drum... 


evans calftone drum head bop pack

Evans Calftone Drum Head Bop Pack

The Evans Calftone Bop Pack is a collection of drum heads designed to fit a Bop drum set configuration. Evans Calftone Drum heads deliver a modern feel and durability with ... 


remo combo drum head pack

Remo Combo Drum Head Pack

This Remo Head pack features drum heads to revamp an entire drum set. Drum Heads Included: 1 each - (10,12,16) Clear Pinstripe Drum Heads 1 - 22" C... 


remo replacement head pack for tama imperialstar ip52kc

Remo Replacement Head Pack for Tama Imperialstar IP52KC

This Remo Replacement pack for the Tama Imperialstar kit is the perfect way to make a great set of drums sound even better. Start with Remo pinstripe on the toms to get deep a... 


remo snare drum head pack

Remo Snare Drum Head Pack

This Remo Snare Drum Head Pack consists of a coated batter and clear resonate drum head. 1x Powerstroke 3 14" P3-0114-BP Coated snare head 1x Ambassador... 


remo 14" snare drum tune up pack

Remo 14" Snare Drum Tune Up Pack

The Remo Tune Up Pack revitalizes your 14" snare drum. The pack includes a Remo batter head, resonate head and a Quicktech Drum Key. It has often been said that a good drum...