Stick/Mallet Bags

balter mbmc carry-all case

Balter MBMC Carry-All Case

The Mike Balter MBMC Carry-All Case is made from 100% industrial strength coated nylon and is foam padded for extra protection. The MBMC features six deep mallet pockets, a m... 


innovative mb3 large cordura mallet bag

Innovative MB3 Large Cordura Mallet Bag

This bag is made of high quality and durable cordura and features 16 large interior mallet pockets. Innovative MB3 Features: - High quality and durable cordur... 


balter mbmb mallet bag

Balter MBMB Mallet Bag

The Mike Balter MBMB Mallet Bag is a barrel style bag made from coated nylon. Each end opens allowing the player access from both sides. Holds 30-50 pairs of mallets. Includes... 


a. rifkin locking stick and mallet bag

A. Rifkin Locking Stick and Mallet Bag

The Locking Stick and Mallet Bag from A. Rifken is packed with one-of-a-kind features designed for all marching band directors and collegiate musicians. Bag measures 22x18.... 


liberty i jumbo mallet bag with backpack

Liberty I Jumbo Mallet Bag With Backpack

The Liberty I Jumbo Mallet Bag, made of durable nylon, is superior to almost all other mallet bags. Additional padding has been added to the walls of the bag to provide extra ... 


humes & berg mallet bag - xl pro (tx8006)

Humes & Berg Mallet Bag - XL Pro (TX8006)

The Humes & Berg Tuxedo Series TX8006 Extra Large Mallet Pro Bag features two rows of nine inside pockets that are perfect to carry all of your stick and mallet needs. ... 


vic firth concert keyboard mallet bag

Vic Firth Concert Keyboard Mallet Bag

The Vic Firth Concert Keyboard Bag features sixteen gusseted interior pockets for holding plenty of sticks and mallets. Four pencil pockets and two smaller pockets handle othe... 


liberty i tour caddy mallet bag

Liberty I Tour Caddy Mallet Bag

This 35"x23" (open dimensions) bag has 16 pockets to keep your concert sticks, timpani, keyboard, bass and gong mallets organized and ready to go. Closed dimensions ar... 


liberty i stick & mallet bag (01s)

Liberty I Stick & Mallet Bag (01S)

The perfect all purpose bag, a must for the 'do it all' freelance percussionist, this bag measures 22"x18" (open dimensions) This bag is big enough for a v... 


vic firth drumstick bag

Vic Firth Drumstick Bag

The Vic FIrth SBAG2 Stick Bag holds 24 pairs of sticks and mallets and contains two small accessory pockets. Four outside pockets include one large enough for sheet mus... 


humes & berg galaxy grip bag stick and mallet bag

Humes & Berg Galaxy Grip Bag Stick and Mallet Bag

The Humes & Berg Grip Bag free-standing bag puts all of your mallets and sticks within easy reach. The weighted, molded plastic base allows the Grip Bag to stand up straigh... 


innovative mb1 small cordura mallet bag

Innovative MB1 Small Cordura Mallet Bag

High quality and durable cordura Two large interior mallet pockets Two full-length zippered outside pockets for accessory storage Adjustable length shoulder s... 


vic firth backpack with detachable stick bag

Vic Firth Backpack with Detachable Stick Bag

Ideal for the player who has more to haul than just sticks, the Vic Pack combines a backpack and a detachable stick bag! The stick bag zips on and off the backpack and feature... 


humes & berg galaxy large pro mallet bag

Humes & Berg Galaxy Large Pro Mallet Bag

The Humes & Berg Galaxy Series GL8006 Large Pro Mallet Bag features two rows of nine inside pouches that will hold all of your sticks mallets and beaters for almost any gig.... 


malletech lhstb tour bag stick and mallet bag

Malletech LHSTB Tour Bag Stick and Mallet Bag

The Malletech Tour Bag was first designed in 1979 by Leigh Howard Stevens. This mallet bag was the first and finest large mallet bag ever made for marimbists and percussionis... 


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vic firth keyboard mallet bag

Vic Firth Keyboard Mallet Bag

The Vic Firth KBAG Keyboard Bag hangs from the bar post of a marimba, vibraphone or xylophone and holds a full complement of mallets and sticks. Six large pockets in tw... 


humes & berg galaxy mallet bag - padded (gl8005)

Humes & Berg Galaxy Mallet Bag - Padded (GL8005)

The Humes & Berg Galaxy Series GL8005 Pro Mallet Bag features four inside pockets to hold almost any style stick, mallet or beater. The GL8005 measures 18" x 11.5" clos... 


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humes & berg mallet bag - pro (tx8005)

Humes & Berg Mallet Bag - Pro (TX8005)

The Humes & Berg TX8005 Tuxedo Series Pro Mallet Bag is extra wide with compartments on the inside to accommodate any size mallet or stick, along with additional deep pockets ... 


humes & berg galaxy stick bag (gl8000)

Humes & Berg Galaxy Stick Bag (GL8000)

The Humes & Berg GL8000 Galaxy Stick Bag offers great features at low low price. This heavy duty nylon bag is durable and lightweight with a layer of padding sewn in. It's pe... 


zildjian session drumstick bag

Zildjian Session Drumstick Bag

Crafted to carry a heavy load of sticks and mallets in both comfort and style. Constructed from high quality synthetic material that looks like premium leather. Adding to the ...