Electronic Percussion

roland v-drums portable electronic zdrum set td-4kp

Roland V-Drums Portable Electronic ZDrum Set TD-4KP

Roland V Drums just got portable with the TD-4KP. The same V Drum quality now with an easy set up, small foot print, and fast break down and storage. The included TD4 sound mo... 


roland handsonic hpd-20 digital hand percussion

Roland HandSonic HPD-20 Digital Hand Percussion

The Roland HPD-20 handsonic is a dynamic digital hand percussion instrument that excels for both live performance and creating music in the studio. It features the renowned... 


yamaha dtx522k electronic drum set

Yamaha DTX522K Electronic Drum Set

The Yamaha DTX522K Electronic Drum Set features the DTX pad. Yamaha has developed the pad to have an authentic feel and an extreme sensitivity to the lightest of accents an... 


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roland td-11kv-s v-drums compact series electronic drum kit - mesh heads

Roland TD-11KV-S V-Drums Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit - Mesh Heads

The Roland TD-11KV-S V-Drums Compact Series electronic drum set is a huge leap forward for the V-Drums Compact series. This is the perfect set for low volume rehearsals, re... 


roland td-50kv v-drums electronic drum set

Roland TD-50KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Set

The Roland V-Drums TD-50KV Electronic Drum Set delivers exceptional playability through a wide range of sounds. With experience comes perfection. Over the years that Rolan... 


roland spd-sx sampling drum pad xpak - free field frame mounting kit

Roland SPD-SX Sampling Drum Pad Xpak - Free Field Frame Mounting Kit

This Roland SPD-SX Xpak gives you the ability to mount your SPD-SX to most field frames opening up doors to a wide array of electronic percussion and sound effects. This wi... 


gibraltar electronic mounting bracket for spds

Gibraltar Electronic Mounting Bracket for SPDS

This is the Gibraltar Electronic Module Mounting Plate. Fits most modules. Fits into grabber clamp of 6713E stand. 


kat kick trigger with angled beater

KAT Kick Trigger with Angled Beater

The KT-KP1 "KICK PAD" compact kick trigger is specially made to work with the KAT KTMP1 Multipad via a bass drum pedal. The unit also works great with all common piezo input t... 


roland tm-2 trigger module

Roland TM-2 Trigger Module

The Roland TM-2 Trigger Module is small, battery powered and a simple way to augment your acoustic drum set with the versatility of electronic percussion. The on board libr... 


roland td-1kv 5-piece electronic drum kit with mesh snare

Roland TD-1KV 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Snare

Roland continues to expand it's V-Drums collection with the TD-1KV electronic drum set. This space saving electronic drum kit delivers high quality sounds and authentic feel t... 


roland spd-sx sampling drum pad xpak 2 - free stand  & mount plate

Roland SPD-SX Sampling Drum Pad Xpak 2 - Free Stand & Mount Plate

This Roland SPD-SX Xpak2 gives you the ability to mount your SPD-SX to a Sturdy Double Braced stand making it easy to set up your SPD-SX on stage, in the field or indoor ar... 


gibraltar double braced electronics mounting stand

Gibraltar Double Braced Electronics Mounting Stand

The Gibraltar Double Braced Electronics Mounting Stand lets you incorporate your electronic percussion into your set up. Great for Hybrid E-kit set ups D... 


yamaha dtx electronic hybrid drum package

Yamaha DTX Electronic Hybrid Drum Package

The Yamaha DTXHP570 is the perfect way to incorporate electronics into your drum set. Expanding the sounds your kit will be able to produce exponentially. This kit includes... 


roland v-drums td-30 supernatural percussion sound module

Roland V-Drums TD-30 SuperNATURAL Percussion Sound Module

The Roland TD30 is the flagship of Roland's Drum Sound Modules. The key feature that separates this from other drum modules is it's superNATURAL sound technology. Roland ha... 


roland spd30 octapad xpak - free stand & mount plate

Roland SPD30 Octapad Xpak - Free Stand & Mount Plate

SPD30 OctaPad Pak Includes Free Stand & Mount Plate (Gibraltar 6713E, & SC-EMMP,) The Roland SPD-30 OCTAPAD combines cutting-edge drum and percussion sounds with the la... 


pearl malletstation em1 mallet controller

Pearl MalletStation EM1 Mallet Controller

The Pearl MalletStation EM1 is a full sized mallet based MIDI controller, which features a 3.0 octave adjustable range. It was designed by Pearl and Keith McMillen Instruments... 


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roland personal monitor amplifier for v-drums

Roland Personal Monitor Amplifier For V-Drums

The Roland PM10 is personal monitor amplifier to be used with Roland V-Drums. This small wedge style amp has a single 30 watt 10" 2 way speaker. In addition to the V-Drums... 


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roland spd one wav

Roland SPD ONE Wav

The Roland SPD One Wave is the fastest way to add backing tracks, one time samples or loop samples to any musical performance. It's simple, load the files into the pad with... 


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roland spd one percussion

Roland SPD ONE Percussion

The Roland SPD One Percussion is the fastest way to add realistic drum and percussion sounds to any musical performance. Included in this device are high quality sound file... 


roland kick trigger pad

Roland Kick Trigger Pad

The Roland KD-7 is a dynamics-sensitive kick drum trigger can be used with a standard kick drum pedal. It features a mix input for chaining two KD-7's to achieve a double-bass...