General Percussion Method Books

Payson/Christian-In the Studio

In the studio takes a look at the art of recording percussion from a performers point of view. The book shows how to prepare instruments, read studio charts and provides a swa... 

Cangelosi-Shape Lessons

Shape Lessons is a unique study of rhythm and coordination that can be played on a set of any percussion instruments, or none (e.g., hands on a tabletop). 

Lautzenheiser-Essential Elements-Percussion Book 2

The second book in the Essential Elements for Band series includes an easy to teach sight-reading system, logical sequence of skills, band arrangements, Dr. Tim parent ... 

Hammond-Percussion and Rhythm Workshop

Percussion and Rhythm Workshop is a collection exercises and lessons designed to improve solo and ensembles overall rhythmic sensibilities. The pattern solos and ensembles are... 

Richards-Guildhall/Orch Perc Gr 6-8 PERC PART

This is part of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama percussion collection compiled by Jack Richards. This collection features pieces for Snare Drum, Timpani ... 

Fink-Studies for "I Like Percussion

This is a collection of exercises and studies designed to excel pupils and students in the art of percussive arts. 

Giot-Percussion in Four Seasons bk. 1: Autumn

This is a collection of exercises to further the advancement of students. This book focuses a variety of percussion instruments. 

Rudolph-Pure Rhythm (2CD)

Pure rhythm provides an excellent tool for those who wish to advance their knowledge of rhythm. 

McLeod-Scale Etudes-PERC

Scale Etudes is a presentation of progressive material which provides for various levels of individual proficiency. Because of its unique construction, it can be used for indi... 

Ptaszynska/Niewiadomska-Colorful World of Percussion

The main purpose of this book is to incite a love of music in children through the playing of percussion instruments. This book is easy to read and fun for the participants of... 

McLeod-Rhythm Etudes

Rhythm Etudes provides rhythmic independence through melodic and harmonic studies for individuals, small ensembles or large instrumental groups. 

Keemss-Warm Up's

This workbook presents a large selection of exercises with a strong focus on technique. It is designed to help percussionist explore and master these areas. 

Snyder-All About Electronic Percussion

All About electronic Percussion by Mike Snyder looks at the basics of pad controllers, triggers MIDI and other performance tools. 

Wohrlin-Rhythm & Body Percussion (CD)

Body percussion is a method of practical learning and Erlangen's rhythmic safety. It allows the exploration of rhythms without the use of instruments and musical scores. The b... 

Feldstein-New Band Method/Acc. 1

This book focuses on techniques associated with most orchestral percussion accessory instruments. 

Zollman-Whole Music Drumming level 1 (CD)

This volume is packed with materials and bound together with a methodology inspired by Edwin Gordon's music learning theory. The idea is that we teach according to the way we ... 

Feldstein/O'Reilly-Basic Solos & Ensemble 2

Basic Solos & Ensembles is a collection of solos, duets and trios playable by any combination of instruments. Perfect for sectional rehearsals. Contains music and mini-bios of... 

Weiss-Idee und Ansatz (German text)

This is a general approaches for musical education in the percussion ensemble and elementary exercises. 

Fink-Tabulatur 2000

Tabulatur 2000 by Siegfried Fink is the up to date dictionary of percussion notation. 

Richards-Guildhall/Orch Perc Gr 6-8 PN ACC

This is part of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama percussion collection compiled by Jack Richards. This collection features piano accompaniments for the Or...