Microphone Stands/Acc.

gibraltar rack shock microphone mount

Gibraltar Rack Shock Microphone Mount

The Gibraltar Rack Shock Microphone Mount attaches a microphone to a drum rack. Shock mount prevents vibration transfer to microphone. 


gibraltar quick set clamp microphone stand

Gibraltar Quick Set Clamp Microphone Stand

The Gibraltar Quick Set Clamp Arm is a mounting mic arm with fast clamp that attaches to tubes up to 1.5 inch diameter. Great for recording bass drum (attach to bass drum spu... 


gibraltar short microphone boom arm

Gibraltar Short Microphone Boom Arm

The Gibraltar Short Microphone Boom Arm attaches to any cymbal stand and features a black finish with shock mount. 


gibraltar 6" gooseneck microphone stand

Gibraltar 6" Gooseneck Microphone Stand

The Gibraltar 6" Gooseneck attaches to standard mic holders and boom arms to help you place your mic where you need it. Great for recording toms and snare drums. 


hercules transformer jr microphone stand

Hercules Transformer Jr Microphone Stand

The Hercules Transformer Jr. Microphone stand features EZ Height Adjustment Lever, EZ Adapter, Titling Base and Swivel Legs. Compact stand that is great for desktop, drum and... 


hercules quik-n-ez short telescoping boom microphone stand

Hercules Quik-N-Ez Short Telescoping Boom Microphone Stand

The Hercules Short Boom features 2-section short telescoping boom with patented Hercules H Base. Ideal for drum and amp mics in situations with limited floor space. ... 


gibraltar multi mount microphone clamp

Gibraltar Multi Mount Microphone Clamp

The Gibraltar Multi Mount Microphone clamp is a quick on and off variable size clamp with a gooseneck mount that fits virtually any pieces of hardware in a set up. Square o... 


jupiter percussion mic net for field mallet instruments

Jupiter Percussion Mic Net For Field Mallet Instruments

Jupiter Percussion has a Field Mallet Instrument Miking solution call the the Mic Net. This net will easily mount to the underside of most Mallet Percussion field frames. O... 



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steve weiss field frame mic mount system - marimba 2 pack

Steve Weiss Field Frame Mic Mount System - Marimba 2 Pack

The Steve Weiss Field Frame Mic Mount System meets the ever evolving needs of sound reinforcement in the marching universe. New technology makes it easy to mic and get that... 


steve weiss field frame mic mount system - vibraphone

Steve Weiss Field Frame Mic Mount System - Vibraphone

The Steve Weiss Field Frame Mic Mount System meets the ever evolving needs of sound reinforcement in the marching universe. New technology makes it easy to mic and get that... 


kelly shu aluminum pro silver

Kelly Shu Aluminum Pro Silver

The Kelly Shu is a suspended microphone mounting system that will free up stage space while providing a strong and true signal to your microphone. This Microphone mount is ... 


gibraltar microphone shock mount

Gibraltar Microphone Shock Mount

The Gibraltar Microphone Shock Mount is designed to prevent vibration noises being picked up by the microphone's diaphragm. Ideal for drum and percussion microphones.  


lp claw microphone version

LP Claw Microphone Version

The LP Mic Claw ensures solid placement of microphones on snare drums, toms, congas and amplifiers. The Z shaped 3/8" diameter microphone rod allows for close, as well as exte... 


audix dvice mic clamp

Audix DVICE Mic Clamp

The Audix DVICE is a clip designed to mount on a drum rim and mount your drum mics. A gooseneck will adjust to desired height and position and also relieve cable strain.... 


hercules smartphone holder

Hercules Smartphone Holder

The Hercules DG200B Smartphole holder easily attaches to a mic stand or any other tube approx 19mm in diameter. Keep your phone within reach to start and stop backing tracks, ... 


audix shockmount for f9 and adx51

Audix Shockmount for F9 and ADX51

This is the Audix SMT25 shockmount suspension system for pencil condenser mics like the Audix F9 and ADX51. 


audix dclamp - drum microphone clamping system

Audix DClamp - Drum Microphone Clamping System

The Audix DCLAMP is a flexible mini gooseneck with a drum tension lug clamp. Designed to work with the Audix D2 and D4 Microphones. Other Microphones can be used by switchi... 


audix shockmount for cx112 & cx212

Audix Shockmount for CX112 & CX212

The Audix Shockmount is a cage style shockmount for the for CX112 & CX212. This isolates the microphone from unwanted frequencies and vibrations. Fits any stan... 


skb iseries waterproof microphone case - holds 12 microphones

SKB iSeries Waterproof Microphone Case - Holds 12 Microphones

The SKB iSeries Waterproof 12-Microphone Case stores the mics vertically and is part of the iSeries waterproof case line. The microphone holes are designed to secure most p...