Misc. Parts

Pearl Single Flanged Hoop Hook

The Pearl DC438 Single Flanged Hoop Hook works with all Pearl Single Flanged Hoops, including those on the Philharmonic.  

Grover Tambourine Jingle Packs

These Grover Pro jingle packs allow you to customize the sound of your Grover Pro Tunable Tambourine. Each pack includes 18 jingles.  

Gibraltar Bass Drum Claw Hook (4 Pack)

The Gibraltar Bass Drum Claw Hooks are sold in a 4 pack and fit most bass drum hoops. 

Swan Percussion Black Swan Slap Panel Assembly

The Swan Percussion Slap Panel Assembly can be added to either or both sides of your Black Swan Drum. They are retro-fittable and can be added to your drum easily at any ti... 

LP Plastic Chime Replacement Ties

LP plastic replacement ties for concert chimes. Package of 24.  

Musser Post Insulator (10 Pack)

The Musser E0305T Post Insulators (10 Pack) are used on the following Musser keyboard instruments: M31 Windsor II Marimba (116 on instrument) M32 Studio ... 

LP Kevlar Chime Replacement Ties (P217)

LP Kevlar replacement ties for studio chimes.  

Gibraltar Internal Lug Screws and Washers (10 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-ILS Internal Lug Screws are replacement screws for snare, tom, and bass drum lugs. 10 Pack screws with washers. 

Pearl Snare Cable Clamp for SR-500 Philharmonic Snare Drum Strainer

Genuine Pearl replacement snare cable clamp for SR-500 philharmonic strainer.  

Gibraltar Floor Tom Feet - Large (3 Pack)

Gibraltar Floor Tom Large Rubber Feet replace the feet on floor tom legs. 3 Pack. 

Gibraltar Floor Tom Feet - 10.5mm Floating Style (3 Pack)

Gibraltar SC-FFT Floating Floor Tom Rubber Feet fit 10.5mm floor tom legs. A hollow tip allows each foot to float promoting increased vibration and resonance. 3 Pack. 

Gibraltar Floor Tom Feet - Small (3 Pack)

Gibraltar Floor Tom Small Rubber Feet replace the feet on floor tom legs. 3 Pack. 

Gibraltar Floor Tom to Bass Drum Conversion Kit (SC-GCK10)

The Gibraltar Floor Tom to Bass Drum Conversion Kit converts your kit into a smaller, more compact setup. The R-Class Conversion kit. includes R-Class spurs, a rail mount and ... 

Yamaha Claw for 8200 Field Corps Bass Drums

Genuine Yamaha Marching Bass Drum Claw Hook for Yamaha 8200 Series Marching Bass Drums. Sold each. Does not include tension rod or washers.  

Aquarian T-Kit Ultimate Snare Tune Up Kit

The Antiquarian Ultimate Snare Drum Tune up Kit will really revitalize an old wore out snare drum. Included in this kit are new heads and tools that will aid in tuning and ... 

Zildjian Crotale Bar Rubber Washer And Wingnut Assembly

The Zildjian Crotale Bar Rubber Washer and Wingnut Assembly is a three piece assembly used to affix Crotale to a mounting bar. This assembly allows the Crotale the maximum res... 

Pearl Extra Long Floor Tom Legs (Set of 3)

The Pearl extra long floor tom legs measure 27", which allows you to position a floor tom much higher than with traditional floor tom legs. The 3/8" knurled legs fit many popu... 

LP Cowbell Eyebolt Assembly (LP308)

This is the Eye Bolt Assembly that is designed to mount LP Cowbells to standard percussion mounting rods. 

Planet Waves Humidtrak - Bluetooth Humidity and Temperature Sensor

The Planet Waves Humidtrak is the first 24/7 instrument monitoring system. This system keeps track of the humidity and temperature levels of instruments with a discreet Blu... 

One Beat Better - Single Mount Tray (Requires MMC-1)

The One Beat Better Single Mount Tray is used to mount a single Timbre Jam to a Magne-Mount Coupler. The tray connects to the Magne-Mount Coupler via magnets that are on th...