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First Year

This is the list of required equipment for incoming students in the University of North Alabama Percussion Studies Program. Students are expected to have all of these items upon arrival on campus for their first semester.
Product Model Price Quantity
Innovative MB3 Large Cordura Mallet Bag INN-MB3 $55.75
Balter Pro Vibe Series Rattan 23R Medium Blue Cord BAL-B23R $39.99
Innovative Ensemble Series ENS360R Hard Rubber Rattan Mallets INN-ENS360R $30.75
Lipner-Jazz Mallets: In Session (CD) 1008 ROW $22.50
Innovative She-e Wu WU3 Medium Birch Marimba Mallets INN-WU3 $41.25
Innovative Signature Series ES1 Ed Soph Maple Drumsticks INN-ES1 $9.95 Out of Stock
Innovative CL2L Chris Lamb Beech Laminate Concert Snare Drumsticks INN-CL2L $20.75
Innovative Chris Lamb Orchestral Series CL-X6 Top-Weighted Nylon Xylophone Mallets INN-CL-X6 $38.75
Innovative James Ross IP906 Brilliant Bright Xylo/Bell Mallets INN-IP906 $31.25
Innovative WBR2 Heavy Wire Brushes INN-WBR2 $21.75
Planet Waves Tuning Fork - Key of A EVA-PWTF-A $10.95
Wessels-Fresh Approach to the Drumset (Online Audio Access Included) MWPFAD $22.45
Innovative Jauvon Gilliam The Bus Driver General Timpani Mallets - JMG-3 INN-JMG-3 $66.95 Out of Stock
Peters-Intermediate Snare Drum Studies PETERS METHOD 8 $14.49
Pratt-14 Modern Contest Solos EL41016 $7.15
Carroll-Exercises, Etudes and Solos for the Timpani BT1500 $17.05
Zeltsman-Four-Mallet Marimba Playing 06620055 $17.95