Percussion Ensemble

ford-one eyed jacks(sp)-b/v/m/2t/p

Ford-One Eyed Jacks(SP)-B/V/M/2T/P

One-Eyed Jacks is a percussion ensemble work for 6 players. This work is a very syncopated piece that will be challenging to an beginning percussion ensemble. Number ... 


abbe-ten elementary percussion ensembles (s-n3)-p

Abbe-Ten Elementary Percussion Ensembles (S-n3)-P

A collection of 10 pieces for your beginning percussion ensemble. These pieces will introduce the young percussionist to the world of ensemble playing. All of the pieces utili... 


burritt-doomsday machine, the (sp)-4t/p

Burritt-Doomsday Machine, The (SP)-4T/P

The Doomsday Machine is named for an episode from Star Trek, my favorite science fiction series of all time. The "Doomsday Machine" is an enormous weapon, both in size and str... 


zivkovic-trio per uno (sp)-v/cro./p

Zivkovic-Trio per Uno (SP)-V/Cro./P

Trio Per Uno by Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic consists of three movements. The edge-movements have some similarities in manner and appears as if they would represent a perfect... 


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cage-living room music (s-n4)-p/vx

Cage-Living Room Music (S-n4)-P/VX

The first and last movement of John Cage's Living Room Music are to be played on household objects such as magazines, a table, books, the floor or using architectural o... 


beck-overture for percussion ensemble-p/4t/v/x/m/b/c

Beck-Overture for Percussion Ensemble-P/4T/V/X/M/B/C

This lively, vibrant work is an excellent choice for the opening number on a percussion ensemble concert or for any occasion. The introduction to the overture states a rhythm... 


reich-music for pieces of wood-p os

Reich-Music for Pieces of Wood-P OS

This piece, Music for Pieces of Wood , is a fine example of how something of interest can be made with only basic elements. Pitch is involved in the tuning of the claves... 


gillingham-stained glass (sp)

Gillingham-Stained Glass (SP)

Stained Glass is a work for percussion ensemble by David Gillingham inspired by the beauty and color of stained glass. The work is cast in three continuous movements. ... 


cirone-four four for four (sp)

Cirone-Four Four for Four (SP)

For four players, Anthony Cirone's most popular percussion ensemble - Four Four for Four is an exciting drumming work for four players. Instrumentation: bongos, timbale... 


tyson-cloud forest (sp)-solo m/b/v/p

Tyson-Cloud Forest (SP)-Solo M/B/V/P

Cloud Forest by Blake Tyson was commissioned by Spindrift Percussion Group in 2005. The original version was for percussion trio and soloist. In 2008 he revised the w... 


argenziano-stinkin' garbage (10s)-garbage cans

Argenziano-Stinkin' Garbage (10S)-Garbage cans

Grab your 30 gallon cans and get ready to let loose with Ed Argenziano's Stinkin' Garbage . This garbage band classic will leave your concert hall smelling like trash an... 


ford-head talk (sp)-p

Ford-Head Talk (SP)-P

Mark Ford's Head Talk provides the percussion quintet with a dose of sophisticated comic relief. The equipment necessary is somewhat unusual: six pretuned heads--ranging in si... 


daughtrey-sizzle! (sp-5)-p

Daughtrey-Sizzle! (SP-5)-P

Sizzle! by Nathan Daughtrey features 3 families of percussion instruments: membranes (bongos, snare drum, toms, bass drum), metals (suspended cymbals, China cymbal, hi-... 


dietz-sharpened stick (sp)-p

Dietz-Sharpened Stick (SP)-P

The Sharpened Stick is a Native American war song and dance that is in the "fish-step" style. It is said that the popular 1920's dance craze the "Charleston" was derived from ... 


daughtrey-lost souls (sp)-b/c/x/4t/p

Daughtrey-Lost Souls (SP)-B/C/X/4T/P

Lost Souls begins with a bombastic fanfare that will be sure to grab the attention of your audience. This intro is followed by liner percussion interjections that are split th... 


abe-conversation in the forest i for solo marimba & 3 percussionists

Abe-Conversation In the Forest I for Solo Marimba & 3 Percussionists

Keiko Abe's Conversation in the Forest I for Solo Marimba with 3 Percussionists provides a great opportunity for individual expression through musicality and improvisat... 


gauger-gainsborough (sp)-2m/4t/p

Gauger-Gainsborough (SP)-2M/4T/P

Thomas Gauger's Gainsborough is one of the most popular pieces for percussion ensemble ever written. It is a melodic piece written with a clear jazz influence. ... 


colgrass-three brothers (sp)-4t/p

Colgrass-Three Brothers (SP)-4T/P

Michael Colgrass' Three Brothers is composed for percussion nonette. The "three brothers" are the snare drum, bongo and timps and they carry the majority of the musica... 


alfieri-fanfare for tambourines-p

Alfieri-Fanfare for Tambourines-P

John Alfieri's piece, Fanfare for Tambourines provides a great example of the use of extended techniques for tambourine. Shake rolls, finger rollls and knee/fist techni... 


de mey-musique de table (sp)-3 tables os

De Mey-Musique de Table (SP)-3 tables OS

Table Music by Thierry De Mey is for three percussionists, each using a small table as their only instrument. The variety of sounds are produced by different ways of s...