steve weiss music $100 holiday gift bundle

Steve Weiss Music $100 Holiday Gift Bundle

The Steve Weiss Music $100 Holiday Gift Bundle has been selected by our experienced staff for an easy gift package that any percussionist would love! Pack includes:... 


steve weiss music $50 holiday gift bundle

Steve Weiss Music $50 Holiday Gift Bundle

The Steve Weiss Music $50 Holiday Bundle has been selected by our experienced staff for an easy gift package that any percussionist would love! Pack includes: ... 


evans calftone drum head bop pack

Evans Calftone Drum Head Bop Pack

The Evans Calftone Bop Pack is a collection of drum heads designed to fit a Bop drum set configuration. Evans Calftone Drum heads deliver a modern feel and durability with ... 


pearl philharmonic concert snare drum - maple 14x5

Pearl Philharmonic Concert Snare Drum - Maple 14x5

The Philharmonic Ply Maple Drum (PHP) features a 7.5mm thick 6 ply Maple shell. The new Triad Silent Strainer provides three individual tension adjusters allowing y... 



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wang percussion 2.6 octave glockenspiel with damper

Wang Percussion 2.6 Octave Glockenspiel with Damper

This Wang Percussion 2.6 Octave Glockenspiel features 32mm wide steel bars, hand damper, and includes a beautiful wooden case. This is a pro level set of bells at a price t... 


innovative soloist series ip240 medium birch marimba mallets

Innovative Soloist Series IP240 Medium Birch Marimba Mallets

The Innovative Percussion IP240 Soloist Series Medium Marimba Mallets are designed for use in the middle 3 octaves of a 5 octave marimba but offer more articulation than the I... 


gretsch catalina club jazz 4-piece drum set shell pack with free gibraltar 8700 hardware pack

Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz 4-Piece Drum Set Shell Pack with FREE Gibraltar 8700 Hardware Pack

Special pricing on Satin Walnut Glaze with FREE Gibraltar Flat-Based Hardware Pack. The Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz Drum Set blends classic Bebop configurations and sound wi... 


humes & berg galaxy grip bag stick and mallet bag

Humes & Berg Galaxy Grip Bag Stick and Mallet Bag

The Humes & Berg Grip Bag free-standing bag puts all of your mallets and sticks within easy reach. The weighted, molded plastic base allows the Grip Bag to stand up straigh... 


black swamp recplate multiplate

Black Swamp RecPlate MultiPlate

The Black Swamp RecPlate is a rectangular plate with the same features as the TriPlate, but used when you need instruments mounted in a linear fashion. The RecPlate can be ... 


steve weiss music $20 holiday gift bundle

Steve Weiss Music $20 Holiday Gift Bundle

The Steve Weiss Music $20 Holiday Bundle has been selected by our experienced staff for an easy gift package that any percussionist would love! Pack includes: ... 


offworld percussion invader v3 practice pad - black

OffWorld Percussion Invader V3 Practice Pad - Black

The OffWorld Percussion Invader V3 Practice Pad is the ultimate in rudimental drum pads. Carefully engineered to replicate the physical functionality of a rudimental snare ... 


inpercussion brass triangle beater set

Inpercussion Brass Triangle Beater Set

The Inpercussion Brass Triangle Beater Set includes 6 high quality triangle beaters with durable rubber grips and a triangle beater bag. TBB Triangle Beater Set Incl... 


grover super-overtone triangle

Grover Super-Overtone Triangle

Grover Super-Overtone Triangles are a culmination of years of extensive research and experimentation. Each triangle is forged from a specially treated high-carbon steel all... 



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trevino-strive to be happy-m

Trevino-Strive to be Happy-M

Strive to be Happy by Ivan Trevino is a 4.3-octave marimba solo dedicated to Aaron Staebell, one of Trevino's best friends and favorite musical collaborators. Aaron introduced... 


overseas connection nigerian udala seed hand rattle (n850)

Overseas Connection Nigerian Udala Seed Hand Rattle (N850)

The Overseas Connection Nigerian Udala Seed Hand Rattle is a hand held rattle that delivers an authentic percussive texture. 


meinl 10" double row tambourine - super dry studio

Meinl 10" Double Row Tambourine - Super Dry Studio

Meinl Headed Super-Dry Studio Tambourines feature hand-hammered brass jingles on a wooden frame with a hand-selected goatskin head. Available with one or two rows of jingle... 


liberty i stick & mallet bag (01s)

Liberty I Stick & Mallet Bag (01S)

The perfect all purpose bag, a must for the 'do it all' freelance percussionist, this bag measures 22"x18" (open dimensions) This bag is big enough for a v... 


jgpercussion american series a2 timpani mallets - hickory

JGPercussion American Series A2 Timpani Mallets - Hickory

The JG Percussion American Series A2 Timpani Mallets are inspired by a proud tradition of great American timpanists. The A2 mallet features the finest quality hand-turned h... 


pearl frame drum complete set (set of 6)

Pearl Frame Drum Complete Set (Set of 6)

Pearl Frame Drum Set includes 6 tunable frame drums. These Asiatic hardwood drums produce a full tone and are drum key tunable. Sizes included- 8", 10", 12", 14",... 


liberty i 14" x5.5" steel snare drum with concert height snare stand

Liberty I 14" x5.5" Steel Snare Drum with Concert Height Snare Stand

The Weiss brand Liberty I 14"x5.5" Steel Snare Drum features a beaded steel shell and high quality hardware. A great sounding drum at an incredible price. Included wi... 


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weiss 10" traditional cast splash cymbal

Weiss 10" Traditional Cast Splash Cymbal

The Weiss 10" Splash Cymbal is perfect to add that quick fast accent into your cymbal repertoire. Manufactured exclusively for us overseas these cast cymbals feature both mach... 


weiss brand 10" double row tambourine

Weiss Brand 10" Double Row Tambourine

This Steve Weiss brand 10" Double Row jingles Tambourine features a calf skin head and is a tremendous value for quality vs. price. 


gibraltar 7614 concert cymbal cradle

Gibraltar 7614 Concert Cymbal Cradle

The Gibraltar 7614 concert cymbal cradle is one othe best value's out there for the concert or band percussionist. The 7614 holds two hand-held concert cymbals (up to 22" dima... 


tama hc13bw hideaway boom cymbal stand

Tama HC13BW Hideaway Boom Cymbal Stand

The Tama HC13BW is a simple hideaway boom cymbal stand. Hideaway means it can either be used as a boom stand, or the boom arm can be tucked and hidden and the stand set up ... 


pearl concert snare stand (s700l)

Pearl Concert Snare Stand (S700L)

A very nice lightweight, economic version of the Concert Snare Drum Stand. The S700L is perfect for those on a budget. Stand adjusts from approximately 23″ to 3... 


rhythm tech 5" studio cowbell package with mount

Rhythm Tech 5" Studio Cowbell Package with Mount

The Rhythm Tech Studio Series RT3005 Cowbell is a cha-cha style bell and delivers a dry, cutting musical accent. The Rock Lock Mounting System utilizes an eye bolt system t... 


weiss extended concert height snare drum stand

Weiss Extended Concert Height Snare Drum Stand

The Liberty One SS800EX Extended Height Snare Stand offers solid performance for concert height snares. The two tier height adjustment and solid, no frills construction mak... 


black swamp 10" double row tambourine - td1

Black Swamp 10" Double Row Tambourine - TD1

Black Swamp 10" Double Row Tambourine with Chromium 25 Jingles. All Black Swamp Tambourines include a tambourine carry bag. Chromium 25 is very dry, articulate, very sensiti... 


rhythm tech true colors traditional fiber maracas - large

Rhythm Tech True Colors Traditional Fiber Maracas - Large

RhythmTech True Colors Traditional Fiber Maracas have a bright sound and lively attack. Solid, durable build Traditional maraca sound  


promark la special 5a wood tip drumstick

Promark LA Special 5A Wood Tip Drumstick

The Promark LA Special 5A is a great Hickory Drumstick that's made in the USA. This stick will be perfect in educational situations or for the player looking for affordable na... 


sabian 16" aax v-crash cymbal

Sabian 16" AAX V-Crash Cymbal

The Sabian 16" AAX V Crash Cymbal projects a bright clean sound that adds a great musical accent. The reason for such a clean powerful projection is because of the silver i... 


pearl marching stick bag (msb1) - single

Pearl Marching Stick Bag (MSB1) - Single

The Pearl MSB-1 Marching Stick Bag securely attaches to any marching drum with hook and loop straps. Holds 1 pair of drum sticks or accessory item. 


weiss 10" china splash cymbal

Weiss 10" China Splash Cymbal

The Steve Weiss 10" China Splash offers a low cost way to add to your existing cymbal set-up. They can be played bell up or bell down for a more traditional approach. T... 


remo kids bongos

Remo Kids Bongos

The Remo Kids Percussion Bongo Drums are the perfect size for developing hands as they measure 5" and 6" in diameter. These bongos include sturdy Remo Fiberskyn 3 drumheads th... 


sabian 18" sr2 medium suspended cymbal

Sabian 18" SR2 Medium Suspended Cymbal

The Sabian SR2 18″ Medium Suspended Cymbal is a great choice for any budget minded program. Hand matched by the cymbal experts at Sabian. These are factory recondit... 


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remo kids floor tom

Remo Kids Floor Tom

The Remo Kids Percussion Floor Tom-Tom measures 10" diameter and 7.5" tall.....the perfect size for any Lil' Drummer-To-Be. Two Mallets are included with this drum so you can... 


sabian 20" xs20 concert band cymbals pair

Sabian 20" XS20 Concert Band Cymbals Pair

Special pricing on discontinued cymbal. The Sabian XS20 Series of Concert Band Cymbals are now here! This pair of cymbals measure 20" and have a great sound for a budget pric...