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Students should also purchase a Grover 6″ Bronze Hammered Light Triangle (GRO-TR-BHL-6).

Product Model Price Quantity
Girsberger-Practical Guide to Percussion Terminology 520179 $13.45
Innovative Signature Series BB1 Bob Breithaupt Drumsticks INN-BB1 $9.50
Innovative IPLD Lalo Davila Hickory Concert Snare Drumsticks INN-IPLD $9.29
Grover 10" Custom Dry Double Row Tambourine - Hybrid Silver GRO-T2/HS $189.00
Malletech Natural Rubber NR19R Hard Rattan Xylo/Bell Mallets MAL-NR19R $27.49
Grover Deluxe Tubular Triangle Beater Set w/ Case (TBTD) GRO-TBTD $79.50
Vic Firth American Custom SD12 Drumsticks - Swizzle G VIC-SD12 $20.99
Bona-Rhythmical Articulation 50258070 $8.95
Malletech Dave Samuels DS18 Hard Rattan Vibraphone Mallets MAL-DS18 $42.49
Reed-Syncopation #1 17308 $7.15
Grover Bronze Hammered Light Triangle GRO-TR-BHL-X $51.75 Options Available
Innovative MB3 Large Cordura Mallet Bag INN-MB3 $53.25
Moongel Damper Pads - Set of 6 with Case KAM-MG4 $5.89
Innovative CL1L Chris Lamb Beech Laminate Concert Snare Drumsticks INN-CL1L $19.75
Whaley-Musical Studies for the Intermediate Timpanist 51740 $17.95
Planet Waves Tuning Fork - Key of A EVA-PWTF-A $9.95
Malletech Eric Sammut ES12 Soft to Medium Hard Birch Marimba Mallets MAL-ES12 $38.49
Boss DB-90 Dr. Beat Metronome ROL-DB-90 $169.99
Ford-Marimba: Technique Through Music (Online Video Access) 1256 $24.95
Peters-Advanced Snare Drum Studies PETERS METH 3 $14.49
Stevens-Method of Movement for Marimba MOM/P $24.95
Peters-Intermediate Snare Drum Studies PETERS METH 8 $14.49
Goodman-Modern Method for Timpani 11424 $18.90
Malletech Go2 Series-Scott Herring MAL-SH14 $38.49
Cirone-Portraits in Rhythm HAB00101 $11.70
Delecluse-Twelve Studies for Snare Drum AL 23410 $17.99
Malletech Orchestral Series OR37R Hard Rattan Xylophone Mallets MAL-OR37R $27.49